Christopher Jack London McCandless essay

Jack London and Chris stopper Mishandles had similar childhoods, yet the outcome was different. Also, Chris topper is relatable to Buck, the main character in The Call of The Wild by Jack London, by how they view authority. Additionally, he is relatable to Buck as they both discover themselves sees in the wild but completely differ in the outcome. It is believed that Mishandles listened to Lo Indo and followed him as an example. Both men discovered a radical family fact that impacted their views on their f implies. When Jack London was only nine months old, his mother, Flora, married John London.

Jack grew up believing that John was his biological father and when Jack discovered d that John was to, he pestered his mother about who his father was. His father was suppose idly an itinerant astrologer and when he found out Flora was pregnant, he told her to have an abortion, thus she faked her death and left. When Jack was born, Virginia Presents became a wet nurse for Flora and she formed a loving relationship with Jack. Jack would view his mother as cold and heartless. The same thing happened to Christopher Mishandles with his father, Walt.

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W Mishandles had Christopher with Billie Johnson, Christopher Mother and a s secretary at Wall’s work, all while he was still married to Marcia, who had a child around the Sam time. Walt Wilson 3 worked hard to support his family. As Christopher grew Older, him and Walt d didn’t see eye to eye. Once as they were climbing Long Peak in Colorado, Walt decided that it w as time to turn around and Christopher wanted to keep going, but Walt refuse. Walt grow quiet, staring absently into the distance. “Chris was fearless even w hen he was little,” he says after a long pause. “He didn’t think the odds applied to him.

We were always trying to pull him back from the edge. ” (Krause 1 09) Not only did Walt try to hold him back from what he wanted but Christopher discovered Wall’s secret. His secret was a double life with two wives. Although constantly expos De to Maria’s children, Christopher never suspected anything until he went back to his homo e and met up with old family friends. After that, Christopher could not forgive Walt for making hi s “entire childhood seem like fiction” and “avoided contacting either his parents or Carr nee,the sister for whom he purportedly cared immensely. (Krause 125) Both men grew up differently, unlike their similarities in parental problems. M candles grew up to resent his father, Walt. Not only did he resent him, but he shut hi out of his life while he adventured the states, but still didn’t resent father figures, like Wayne e Eves-Thurber, whom he meets during his visit in South Dakota. Jack London hated his mother r and he grew up believing there were two type of women: Motherland and Madwoman. T he Motherland was “pure, sweet, and domestic – Wellsville to raising children n”, while the other, Madwoman was “strong, clever, lusty and full of life. (McKay) Jack London was an inspiration to Christopher Mishandles. It is believed that the Christopher followed Jack Loon’s ideas that were located in his novels and s orgies. Jack Wilson 4 London often wrote about adventure, realism and naturalism, all of which Ms Candles viewed greatly towards. By Jack London is about a SST. Bernard/ Scotch shepherd dog and his adventure in the Alaskan wild as a sled dog. Buck, the dog, goes t wrought numerous owners and is constantly quarreling with other and himself. Going into the wild was meant to find oneself.

That’s where Chris Mishandles, from Into The Wild, and Buck, from The Call of The Wild, discovered their true self. In The Call of the Wild , by Jack London, Buck is taken from his highchairs home and sent into the Alas an wild to be a sled dog. He had a hard time trying to conform to the other dogs’ way buy t eventually he did. He caught on how dig holes for shelter from the snow and how to pull the sled d properly by watching the others. “And not only did he learn by experience, but instincts 10 Eng dead became alive again. (London 20) The wild dog inside, shielded by years Of domesticate on, was becoming more alive as he traveled through Alaska. Buck is constantly reassures red of his wild background with old memories. Buck eventually followed his instincts and he added into the wild. Buck transformed into a wild beast, killing for him and becoming a thing of the e wild. As Buck became a savage beast, Christopher Mishandles, from Into The Wild, remains himself. Through out the novel, Christopher faces battles that test him, whet mentally or physically. His last adventure into the Alaskan wild would be a test to truly discover himself.

He suffices off berries and the meat he retrieves from his kills. Christ proper continues to live simply throughout his stay, killing no more than needed and using every hinge. Although he was eating less calories than he was consuming and was slowly dying from SST revocation, Christopher remained himself, even allowing himself to show his feelings fate r cooking a moose Wilson 5 incorrectly. With many faults, he still succeeded in discovering himself and HTH s is demonstrated with his last note to the world, “l have had a happy life and thank the Lord.

Go dobby and may God bless all! ” (Krause 1 99) Even while dying, Christopher Mishandles ream indeed positive and collect, unlike Buck who turned into a primordial beast. Though Buck and Christopher Mishandles may have been different if discover ring themselves, they both had trouble with authority. Buck grew up as head of the household. He was in charge and no one complained, but after he was stolen from his home and sold to sled owners, he has trouble complying with authority. Constantly, Buck rebels gaga nest his “owners” and even at one time, he fights for his spot as leader.

After a number of quarry else with the original leader, Buck prevails as victor and leads the Salad. Soon he moves on to a new owner and finds affection towards him, Buck has finally found his “ideal master who cared ABA out Buck and his other dogs “as if they were his own children. ” (London 57). Christopher Mishandles, unlike Buck, never conformed to authority. He reject De it all the way to his death in August 1992. Christopher found authority oppressive and wanted to abandon it. Trying to abandon that authority he resented would be a probable e cause for him wanting to go on his “Alaskan Odyssey”.

Also, Walt Mishandles held a figure o f authority of Christopher life, which is another reason why he resented his father. Throughout Into The Wild by Jon Krause, Christopher Mishandles mentions Jack London and quotes located within his story. He is closely relatable to not only Jack London, himself, but to characters within Loon’s novels. Both Jack London and Chris topper Mishandles experience parental problems as a child, which later affects their view of people like Wilson 6 so.

Mishandles learns to forgive others, except his father, while London belie eves in only two types of females: Motherland and Madwoman. Christopher is relatable to Buck, a dogging The call Of The Wild by Jack London, because they both look towards the wilderness to discover the truth of themselves. They both discover their self, yet both expert once different outcomes. While one becomes one with the wild as a savage beast, the other remains content and thou change. Not only did they seek the truth, but they also both reject taut horrify.

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