Christina time The United States and the USSR

Christina BrizarHistory 102May 12, 2018Final essay The Cold War The Cold War was a waged war that began in 1947, and ended in 1991.

This war wasn’t exactly a war with fighting, during this time The United States and the USSR were at a rough time. There was a lot of tension going on between the two, being that America was capitalist and The Soviet Union was communist. This occurred exactly after world war 2, and many believed they would be friendly afterwards, but otherwise happened. The Soviet Union was very rude with America for the deaths of many Russian people.

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While the United states and Soviet Union did not actually fight each other, they did fight for their beliefs (C N Trueman). In 1945, the United states closed off all aid that was being sent to the Soviet Union. The Marshall plan was eventually introduced and made success with leaving 10 billion dollars.

Mean while Stalin had other plans and went against it with a protest. Stalin decided to create barriers that would separate the Soviets and Western U.S. Winston Churchill warned the whole world of an Iron curtain coming (Sherman, pg 739).

During 1948-1953, is when the cold war hit its climax. This is when the United states and the allies formed together and came up with the NATO. Many things eventually came to a calm after the American monopoly which was around 1953 to until 1957. The crisis in Berlin, developed a huge fear on those in the foreign policy in Washington. As a result, the request for communism to be spread was out in the air.

Korea witnessed the beginning of the cold war in 1950-1953, when the USSR thought they would sneak up on and trespass south Korea. Soon enough north Korea tried to attack South Korea and that is when America went and provided army aid.While many know that the Cuban missile crisis was a big scare, this was actually a very climaxed part during the cold war, this was another kind of war. Both the United states and the Soviet Union were going at each other and very inconspicuously the Soviet Union was placing Missiles in Cuba, in order to be able to target and fire at the cities in the U.

S. This proved that neither of the two were ready for a nuclear war with such catastrophic weapons. President Kennedy ordered Russia to remove the missiles. The cold war had many reasons such as being afraid communists will attack, Truman not liking Stalin, and America not wanting to share secretsThe cold war went through many stages. The first stage was between the USSR and America, they both had no trust. North Korea eventually declared war on South Korea, but because America is an aid to South Korea they gained more power within the army. Soon enough South Korea and North Korea settled things and made peace.

Many international complications occurred during this cold war. Also this war made many countries remain neutral. The cold war made a lot of people feel very skeptical and questioned other countries because of the lack of belief from the U.

S and USSR. The war began to come to a end in the mid 1980’s, the USSR soon disappeared, and peace and peace was drawn. Works cited:


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