Chlorine is neither positively or negatively charged do

Chlorine is a chemical element that owns the symbol Cl and has an atomic number of 17.

It is found in group 17 the Halogens, there it is the second lightest element. It happens to be appearing between fluorine and bromine and so there properties are quite similar. The element has an atomic mass of 35.453 and is found in its most common form (gas). Chlorine was first discovered in the 17th century from a Swedish man called Carl Wilhelm Scheele. He was officially the first man to prepare it.  The electron configuration is 2 8 7. In the outermost valence shell are 7 valence electrons found.

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                   It is getting added in small quantities into pools, mostly in a granular sand form. Although this element is also, found in the form of liquid and gas. A key property of making this acid lethal to microbes is this acids neutral charge. The cell walls around the bacteria have a negative charge. Hypochlouros is neither positively or negatively charged do it can make contacted and invade the bacteria.”The hypochlorous acid is able to breach the cell walls of pathogens,” Ostrowski said.

When it came so far that chlorine or the hypochlorous acid reached insde the bacterium the acid weakness the organism and is chemically interacting with their number of proteins. Which is leading to a loss of their complex and all of the bacterium structures. The proteins successfully degenerate the cell and there we reached the point when the cell is strating to die.”Proteins are really the workhorse molecules of cells,” Ostrowski told LiveScience. “They’re involved in all of the bodily functioning of humans and also bacteria.

And once you destroy the proteins, you’ve really taken away the ability of the bacteria to thrive.”     Picture


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