Children Of Men essay

However other people constantly stress on the maintenance and ell being of their body, they were driven with the desire to live and maintain a youthful complexion.

Theodore unlike the rest spends most of his time reminiscing about his past. His life was riddled with pain and regret, many years earlier he had accidentally driven over his fifteen month year old daughter Natalie, which led to him having a depressing and complicated end to his marriage. Can Liability warden of England hopes to bring happiness and comfort to his people.His way of providing happiness was to have open a national health service which would function as a spa. People would go there o be manicured, pedicure, measured and weighed.

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Quoted from the book supporting this point on Peg 7. “We intend to retain the illusion, if not youth, of vigorous middle age. ” Since children were a thing of the past, People would resort to watching documentation of children and would be obsessed with the sound of their laughter. They would also treat the birth of newborn animals as if they were newborn baby’s. Due to the bleakness of the future.Suicide had risen dramatically and one would think it would be the elderly committing these acts, but surprisingly enough the middle age folks were the nest most prone to doing so. Citizens of England appreciate the national health service since it provides them with the care and attention one would need in order to stay happy in these hard times . Can way of combating the increased suicide rates was to hand out fines to the surviving relatives of the person who committed act.

Due to this swift and precise decision by the warden. The Suicide rates fell rather quickly as they did rise.On one fateful day Theodore a former oxford historian was approached by a captivating woman named Julian. A member of the resistance, which strives o change many of Can’s and his councils policies. The group comprised of Luke, a young religious man. A former midwife named Miriam,Assignee a demolition expert, Julian and her husband which is also the leader Of the group Roll. Theodore was fairly attracted to Julian, for that also played a factor in him joining their resistance.

Julian would then begin to explain each policy that Can had enforced,important information that would be the main cause of him joining them.First thing explained was about the Quietus. A voluntary mass suicide of the elderly, however it was not actually voluntary. It was a forced killing termed as ‘Voluntary so people wouldn’t become outraged. Another reason for as to why he joined the resistance is, the sending of all criminals no matter the crime to the man penal colony, where there is no control over how cruel the officials are to the inmates. The prohibiting of British citizens leaving the country, however allowing only foreign omegas to enter the country.For these reasons Theodore Faro thought to himself that getting rid of Can’s policies would greatly benefit the citizens of England, thus joined the resistance. The reason why Julian would ski Theodore to join their revolution is because he’s Can’s cousin.

If any were to have a chance of convincing the warden of England to heed their demands, it would be Theodore. If it were to be anyone else, Can would simply ignore them. Theodore ventured out to have a peacefully discussion with Can about resigning the policies set in place. Demands no matter how big or small may not always be settled with a simple conversation.Sometimes they are to be met with force, as for this case the discussion between Theodore and the warden seems to have gone nowhere. Thus the five fishes, what the assistance members call themselves.

Plan on the destruction of platforms used for the Quietus. Assignee, one of the members of the resistance. A demolition expert has been arrested and with nothing left to do they must flee in order to escape capture and being sent to the penal colony. The Omegas, the last generation of humans to be born.

Were gifted with physical features but cursed with an evil heart. Caring little to nothing about the incoming extinction.The acts of arrogance and self pride had consume them all.

Treated as if royalty, they were never disciplined as a child resulting to hem acting in such a way. Known for traveling in gangs, they were violent and unstable and would murder without provocation. Unlike the others they are spared getting punished due to their young age.

Foreign omegas which are called Sojourners were mainly exploited and used to do unwanted work. Foreign omegas are beneficial to the community of England reason being of their need of a job. Job provided, it wasn’t their ideal job but they took that they could get.Theodore and the five fishes had gone into hiding because the warden and his undercover police officers were on the lookout for them, due to Assignee ring to arm explosives on the platform for the Quietus ceremony, thought to have been associated with the plot of destroying the foundation While getting ready planning their escape from England, he is notified of Julian being pregnant which would complicate things further for themselves. While the were traveling they were confronted by a group of omegas. Luke dies In the process trying to protecting Julian from the group of omegas.

Lake’s act of selflessness hasn’t been done without reason. Julian later reveals that the deceased Luke was the true father of the child. Upon hearing this surprising news Roll becomes infuriated and decides to go tell the warden of their where a bouts. With time not on their side the remaining members Theodore, Julian and Miriam take shelter in an abandon shack.

With the expectancy of the upcoming newborn, Miriam the former midwife suggested that she go look for some water, knowing that it would be needed for the delivering of the baby. After she had been gone for hours Theodore decided that he should venture out and go look for her.

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