Children fairly and respectfully and bear in mind

Children continuously look up to adults and can take lead from adults around them. If we have a tendency to show smart behaviour then they’re going to take that in. we’ve to follow the guidelines and rules,If someone for example a teacher asked you to do something politely then you have to .Always dress smartly , Treat everyone fairly and respectfully and bear in mind of your own approach .

Be a team player and offer to help others will help be beneficial building relationshipsYour own behaviour as a teacher assistant will have a really positive effect and influence on the youngsters and children you facilitate and support. If they see that you are being respectful , gracious and sympathetic with everyone around you but also observing their achievements , hopefully the children will learn to respect one another Impact negatively on the interactions with kids and youth If kids or youth see that you simply are rude to somebody, for instance a member of staff; not expression please or thanks, interjecting in speech, or not listening once somebody is talking to you, they will well assume that this is acceptable behaviours. kids and young adults can also might not find you approachable, and not be therefore keen to come back to you with their issues, problems or considerations

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