Children run without falling. Toddlers may also

Children become able to control their bodies. The shape of the body change: arms and legs grow symmetrically matching the size of the head, and the shape of the skull will prepare to accommodate the permanent teeth. At 18 months a child may be able to walk alone, push and pull toys and is able to kick, roll and throw a ball. Some children can use a spoon and turn the handle of a door having better fine motor skills. In fact, by 3 years old a child will have improved both their gross and fine motor skills.

Most young children of this age can jump off the ground with both feet and pedal a tricycle. They can walk up and down stairs and run without falling. Toddlers may also be able to follow a simple dancing rhythm. Fine motor skills of a young child between 2 and 3 years may include drawing circles, people and dots, drawing faces and turning a page in a book.

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They are also better capable of using spoon and fork to feed themselves. By the time a child is 3, can cut around an object with scissors as a consequence of a better control of their fine motor skills (hand movements are more precise). Children become more independent. At 3 years a child has artistic skills: can paint using a brush, can draw a man with a head and can cut paper using scissors.

Children will also know different parts of the body and are able to name animals. Verbally, a 3 year should be able to count to 10 and can hold a simple conversation. A child of this age is able to understand concepts (abstract ideas) and questions. He/she may ask often the reason of specific things as the level of curiosity would increase consistently. Communication grows rapidly. They learn to speak using long sentences containing more words (holophrases first, then receptive and expressive languages later).

Children learn to listen and repeat. By 3-year-old, children understand about 300 words and are able to use pronouns and different verb tenses. Also, the pronunciation becomes clearer around 2-3 years.Temper tantrums become more demanding and can express the frustration of the child at being told “no” by her carers or they refuse to sleep. Children have a strong sense of mine.

From 2 years a child is learning to be separated from a parent or carer for short periods. This gives them more social awareness. Some children will play in groups of 2 or 3 and will be able to share ideas. Most children between this age group may have close friends and will play with both genders. At 3 years, children become less selfish and engage often in cooperative play, elaborating imaginary scenes with their first friends and sometime sorting out things without adult intervention.Children of this age have frequently mood swings and temper tantrums, but around 2 years old, they slowly start learning self-control. 3-year-old children may invent imaginary friends with who they will try activities and dialogues. At this age, children will also develop irrational fears including the fear of darkness, people in costume (clowns), specific animals or strangers.


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