Children disease. Symptoms include a bright-red rash

Children are susceptible to different kinds of diseases that parents need to be aware of. Various factors are responsible for these illnesses, such as the environment the children live in, the strength of their immune system and their diet. Some child-centric conditions include:• Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) — Children who have a congenital heart condition, compromised immune system or chronic lung disease may develop bronchiolitis or pneumonia as a result of RSV.• Roseola — Kids age 2 and younger may get this condition. It causes high fever, congestion and coughing.

After some time, a rash may appear on the chest and spread outward.• Fifth disease — Children 3 years old and below are most vulnerable to this disease. Symptoms include a bright-red rash on the cheeks, as well as a mild fever, runny nose and rash on the torso.1Aside from these illnesses, children and parents need to be aware of a potentially fatal condition that may target their heart health: Kawasaki disease.

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