Childhood also learn how to work together with

Childhood (3-10 years):School- This age is where most children learn new skills and new tasks and also develop new relationships with other children and other adults. At this stage they will also learn how to work together with other children and practice to work in a team and develop important skills together.

Meeting new children could also be very stressful for some children as they have difficulty is finding friends because other children’s might not want to be their friends which them a child’s self-esteem and self-concept can be affected if they compare themselves with others. Birth of Siblings- At this stage this can have a major impact not only of the child but the whole family. This is likely to change the lifestyle of the family. This would make the child happy as they will either have the role of an older brother or a sister which gives them a responsibility to care for and look after.

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However, they would also fee jealous as the younger sibling g will, be getting more importance in the sense it’s not able to look after him or herself Moving Home- Moving home can occur in any life stage. This could also be a basis of a fresh start and having time to build a new home and a whole new family. This is also a new star and an opportunity to get a new job and also gain promotions. However, this could also be a stressful star for other people as they don’t like change and want to stay where they are or even get a new job because it’s like starting all over again but just in a new place which some people don’t like.


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