Childhood Trauma essay

If a child is experiences trauma, such as child abuse, as they grow older it can impair the ability to sustain relationships, cope with stress, and deal with their emotions (Score, 2001). If infants are not provided the warmth and love that is needed, the stress could then cause the development of the psychologically regulation and the development Of trusting relationships harder to develop (p 209). The right side of the brain is where social information is processed, and if the development of this side is altered at birth, then it could make it difficult later n life to process constitutional information.

The right cerebral cortex is dominant in the area where attachment functions are developed. If an infant is deprived of both social information and attachment during their development, it can pose greater risks of enduring deficit later in life (Score, 2001). There are many different developments that arise from trauma, such as; post-traumatic stress disorder, disassociate disorders, and the development of different psychotic disorders.

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When a person becomes disassociated, their thought process, memory, and even understanding of heir self-identity become disrupted (Simenon, Guardrail, Schneider, Serif, Entails, 2001 Spiritually can counter the effects of a trauma on someone’s life, by allowing them to believe that there is a higher purpose in life. When a person becomes a victim of a traumatic disorder such as PITS they are having a moment where everything in life seems to be breaking down. Once a person develops a spiritual development within themselves, the areas that are unconscious in their brain will become conscious.

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