Childhood essay

Confidentiality is essential in my line of work, not only from the children but from certain adults, we all have a duty to share information and disclose any issues are safe guarding. I am required to keep personal information and only distribute to those that need to know.

Information that is private needs to be handled with care, safely, appropriately and in a professional manner which meets legal requirements. Confidentially can mean a few things: 1 . Trust: the relationships you’re building with the young people and families re vital.The individuals need to know that we promote and carry out secure procedures to protect confidential information 2.

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Safety: some information must be kept confidential for safety reasons, however at times a child’s confidentiality can be breached either by the child and or parent. 3. The law: the law states all written and recorded information is legally bound for 75 years, recording is important as it can be taken to court if requested.

Handling information correctly and follow safeguarding procedures. Recording: recording is essential and critical when working in this environment; you need to safeguard yourself and the young person with what ever information is going to be given. During a shift, I communicate in the following ways: 1 .

Conversations, verbally passing on information whether it is one to one, supervision, handover, telephone calls and or team meetings. 2. Paper format: Written reports, letters, notes, all of which are photocopies and kept securely on the young person individual file.No information should be taken offset or taken home. 3. Electronic information: a lot of information is now being stored and transferred electronically this is via a computer, laptop, USB, pen drives.

Its another secure way to store data as computers are protected with passwords and can only be accessed by authorized individuals.

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