Child Minder essay

It is my responsibility as a professional children to do everything possible to keep all children safe at all times and prevent accidents. Ensure home safety: Kitchen: No access for children when cooking, baby gates in place, but will have systems in place in case kitchen access is required, such as cupboard locks, electrical wires at back of sides, all equipment doors closed, kitchen bin out of the way of children’s hands.Dining/sitting Room: Fire place guard/gate if needed, all electrical cords out of reach, secure table cloths, Clear floor space to prevent tripping, (few toys out at a time) child friendly table and chairs. Radiator guards, Stairs: Safety gates in the correct places to prevent falls down stairs.

Bathroom: Cleaning products out of reach, spills and accidents to be cleaned, non-slip mats, always run cold water first. Hygiene and waste disposal: high standard of hygiene is essential, Led by example, washing hands/good personal hygiene.Clean and disinfect floors, equipment and toys regularly. Use disposable gloves when dealing with faces, urine or blood.

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Clean kitchen and bathrooms regularly to keep germ levels down. Anti-bacterial sprays are a must. Have a good recycling system in place, all food waste in a separate bin, also a good idea to have a separate in for nappies and bodily waste etc. To ensure a healthy environment, need to store food correctly in fridge or cupboards, wash hands etc when dealing or handling food, be aware of cross contamination.Also recognizing children’s illness is a must to ensure a healthy home based setting, flue, diarrhea and vomiting are just a few of certain illnesses where the parents will need to be contacted to collect their child. As a Children I need to be aware of any allergies that a child may have. To ensure a healthy and safe environment, a registered children needs to undergo first aid raining every 3 years, and finally they need to follow the policies and procedures they have put in place. Question 2 (Weighting: O) The principles of safe supervision of children in the home-based setting and off-site.

200 words] As a home based child-minder the safe supervision of children both in and out of the home is ultimately my complete and main responsibility. This has to be done without impeding the play and independence of the children, the level of supervision will depend on the following factors: -Their age and stage of development, – Whether I’m on or off site whether a child has a disability, they may need more supervision if in an unfamiliar environment -the activity that is going on -changes in weather conditions.Three levels of supervision: Constant supervision, which is being aware of what they are doing ALL of the time, Close supervision, aware of what they are doing most of the time, but able to intervene should the need arise, and finally general supervision, so being aware of what they are doing and checking on them regularly, for example when baby is having a nap. When offset, believe a risk assessment f the offset activity is the first port of call, , looking at details such as, how many children will be with me? Ill we be in the car (valid road tax/MOT/Car insurance/Car seats etc)? Buggy? Walking? How far to our destination? Crossing roads? Will snacks/lunch be needed? Having a risk assessment should make the trip easier, and have all children safer. Stranger danger will also need to be discussed with the children, they need to know what to do if approached by anyone. Finally if/when using public transport I need to ensure all children are sat with me. Question 3 (Weighting: O) Ways of ensuring that equipment is suitable for children and meets safety requirements.

As a registered child minder, I will be carrying out checks/risk assessments on all equipment the children in my care will be using. Headings in my risk assessment checklist as follows: -Age Appropriate – Children under three years of age should never be allowed to play with toys which are marked as being unsuitable for them -Toy Safety Correct working order, no broken pieces/sharp corners -Battery Safety – Battery cover on correct – fully working batteries – not corroded etc -Law – Correct safety symbols on the toys.

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