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Answer Key: B Question 4 of 25 Which one of the following is the BEST example of a gross motor skill? A. Sewing on a button B. Writing a letter to Grandma C. Skipping across the schoolyard D. Cutting out a heart for a Valentine’s Day card Answer Key: C Question 5 of 25 Three of the following statements accurately describe the typical physical development of children in the elementary grades. Which one is not accurate? A. Girls mature more quickly than boys. B. Children become more clumsy in their gross motor skills. C. Children become increasingly proficient in fine motor skills. D.

Children become increasingly sensitive about their physical appearance. Question 6 of 25 Pigged spoke of egocentrics as a characteristic of operational thought. Three of the following are examples of egocentrics as Pigged defined it. Which one is not? A. Justine is constantly grabbing objects and pulling them toward himself. B. Lois tells a story as if her listeners already know many details they can’t possibly know. C. Kate cannot relate to the question, “How do you think Molly feels? ” D. Frank and Isabel are playing checkers without realizing that each of them is playing by different rules.

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Question 7 of 25 Roger is shown two piles of sand and says that each pile has the same amount. However, when one pile is flattened with a shovel, Roger now claims emphatically that the flattened pile has less sand. Based on this information, Roger is probably in Piglet’s stage of development. A. Seniority B. operational C. Formal operations D. Concrete operations Question 8 of 25 Imagine that you are a third-grade teacher. If you were to make predictions eased on Piglet’s stages of cognitive development, you would expect most or all of your students to exhibit thinking.

Question 9 of 25 Carl can correctly answer a question such as, “If all flees are blats, and if all blats are dulls, are all flees also dulls? ” From Piglet’s perspective, Carl is most likely in the stage of cognitive development. Answer Key. C Question 10 of 25 Olivia understands why 3/5 and 9/1 5 are equivalent fractions. Based on this information, Olivia is probably in Piglet’s Question 11 of 25 Which one of the following best illustrates the phenomenon of infantile amnesia as developmental theorists typically use the term? A.

Three-week-old Ronald doesn’t yet recognize the sound of his mother’s voice. B. Five-month-old Quince seems surprised each time he wakes up and sees the mobile hanging over his crib, even though the mobile has been there for several weeks. C. Three-year-old Sash often forgets to wash her hands after using the restroom. D. Ten-year-old Paulette can’t remember the party her parents had for her on her second birthday. Question 12 of 25 Randy knows more as a tenth grader than he did as a first grader. One result of this increased knowledge base is that Randy: A. S more easily distracted B. Rehearses information more slowly C. Can more easily understand new information D. L’s more likely to get the different things he knows confused with one another Question 13 of 25 Wendy sees a picture of a beach and then later tries to draw the picture from memory. She draws shells on the beach even though the beach in the picture had no shells. Using the concept of schema, how could we explain Wendy error? A. Wendy has a schema for shells but does not have one for beaches. B. Wendy has a schema for beaches but does not have one for shells. C.

Wend’s schema of how a typical beach looks includes shells. D. Wend’s schemas of beaches and shells are interfering with each other. Question 14 of 25 From the perspective of contemporary developmental theorists, a script can best be described as: A. A particular way of talking oneself through a difficult situation B. Knowledge about the typical sequence of events in an activity C. The strategy that a teacher tells students to use to remember classroom material D. The things (e. G. , “small talk”) that someone typically says when initiating a conversation with someone else Answer Key. B

Question 15 of 25 Four boys read this line from a story: The two men entered the restaurant and ordered hamburgers. ” Which one of the boys is clearly using a script while reading the story? A. Ernie wonders what the men look like. B. Bob is guessing that the men probably have evil motives. C. Colon assumes that the men probably looked at a menu before ordering. D. Devon thinks that the men should be more careful about their cholesterol intake. Question 16 of 25 At age 2, Madeleine is given up for adoption by a mentally ill single mother who realizes she cannot provide adequate care for her daughter.

Shortly thereafter, Madeleine is adopted by parents who provide lively conversation, lots of books and educational games, and frequent trips to zoos and museums. Based on this information you might expect Madeleine IQ scores to: A. Show gradual increases over time B. Remain constant until school age and then gradually increase C. Fluctuate over time, but in no discernible pattern D. Show no variation over time, as IQ is largely the result of heredity Answer Key: A Question 17 of 25 Three of the following statements about the effects of heredity and/or environment on intelligence are accurate. Which one is not accurate?

A. Chider always get higher IQ scores when they attend school everyday, this is also known as the Flynn effect. B. Some toxic substances in children’s homes or neighborhoods can adversely affect their cognitive development. C. Biologists working in the Human Genome Project have recently identified the chromosome that carries the “intelligence” gene. D. On average, children’s performance on intelligence tests has risen around the world, suggesting that improvements in environmental conditions enhance IQ Feedback: Toxic substances, known as teratology, affect neurological placement and IQ scores.


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