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Steven Enchanted In essay will share an experience in which negotiating was a factor to obtain a new motor for my 2010 Camera AS. The essay will discuss the communication style used to negotiate. The essay present the personality used or to negotiate a new motor successfully. Last, the essay will share the communication style and personality trait contributed to the negotiation of a new motor for my 2010 Camera. Situation In 2010 a week after my birthday the car I ordered finally came in a 2010 Camera AS.I had the vehicle ship to Hennessey performance in Texas where ad modifications done to the vehicle. On completion the vehicle was putting down popup to the rear wheel which is a popup over stock power.

Eight months with by the vehicle was running hard and great. In January of 201 1 the engine starts making a ding sound at high RPM- This sound was different from the normal knocking sound that lean or poorly tuned engine would make. Being in New Orleans Hennessey performance was not easy to get to so took the vehicle to the dealership.The service manager drove the vehicle and connected it to the computer and the diagnosis was that everything was fine. A week later after leaving the dealership the engine started shaking and the vehicle was not drive able. The dealership diagnosis the vehicle again and determined that the noise was coming from cracked pistons 2, 4, and 7 scratching the motor walls. My family purchased many vehicles from Banner Chevrolet so knew I had to negotiate my out Of this one. Because of the modifications the vehicle power train warranty would be voided and a new LSI was 14 thousand dollars to replace.

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Communication Before discussed the possibility of purchasing a new motor expressed my self to the service team at Banner. Leveled I had an engine that came off the assembly line to quick being that a stock LSI can produce over popup on a stock motor. I was setting the stage to convince the service team that the engine was a lemon so they wouldn’t report the issue to GM warranty and let the decision be up to the service manager to replace or give me a new motor for little or nothing. Emphasized to the service team that financially would be in the hole because I just purchased the vehicle 9 months before. The service department was sympathetic in not reporting the vehicle to GM warranty, but stated that had to move the vehicle off their premises. Personality- Attitude know if I wanted to get the vehicle fixed or for a good deal without coming up with 14 thousand dollars I had to go to the service manager to negotiate replacing my motor. The service manager knows my family well because of all the vehicles that had been purchased from the dealership.

I told him, that honestly prefer if the motor can be fixed or replaced under the warranty instead of getting another loan from a private institute. I went on stating how thought the engine was a lemon and how this should have never happen in hopes he would say k will fix it. Initially when I approached the service am after the diagnosis I had a bad attitude with the team. I was upset because how can a new vehicle that can hold over popup on a stock motor just go out. I also, said things that weren’t nice because they did a diagnosis saying nothing wrong with the vehicle.I focused on getting the vehicle fixed under its power train warranty or for a reasonable price and kept my bad attitude up. The service manager made me an offer paying only eight thousand dollar for a new motor because the walls on the original motor were badly damaged.

The offer wasn’t bad, but I stayed firm on my word. I as not going to take out another loan for a vehicle that was modified correctly and by a well know company. What happen to the vehicle should have never happen. Knew 8 thousand was not bad for a new LSI butt didn’t want to pay that so I started to leave.At this point in time the service manager told me to come up with 2 thousand dollars and they would take care of the engine and labor fees, and the issue would not be reported. The two thousand would just be for the shipping of the crated engine.

Positive Effect When realized had damaged my motor, I knew I was in a bond that I did not want to be in, and had no money to get me out. I expressed my self to the service team because of a bad diagnosis and how can this happen to this type of engine. I then forward the issue to the service manager to.

I treated the entire service department very badly, but when I realized they were not going to report the damages I just kept up with the bad attitude hoping can capitalize on it. Every day for two weeks I went to the dealership saying the same thing with the same attitude which I believed was a key contribution to my negotiation of getting the fixed under warranty or at a very reasonable price. Believe my attitude was critical in achieving my goal. I believed I had he gain because I was an irate customer with a damaged new LSI motor that can handle more HP than what the vehicle was modified to.Conclusion This essay shared an experience in which negotiating was a factor to obtain a new motor for my 2010 Camera AS. The essay discussed the communication style used to negotiate.

The essay presented the personality used to negotiate a new motor successfully.

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