Cheerleading example a sport should be an athlete

Cheerleading is a sport especially to many gymnast. Cheerleading has been an official sport for a very long time now. The reason cheerleading is a sport is that because it meets all the athletic specifications.

Such as how much practice you need to be good at it and all the concentration you need for it. A physical sport should include hard work and cheerleading uses all of these and are important at games because some people just come to see how the coordinated there moves. To many athletes cheerleading is a women’s sport and is qualified to be a sport because of all the list of things that can go along with it. Like most sports cheerleading comes with levels and how much you have improved with time and practice.

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Cheerleading is also very competitive and is the definition of a sport for an example a sport should be an athlete activity that requires physical powers or skill and often a competitive nature and cheerleading is all of the above. Some people can disagree though even though cheerleading has been a proven sport. Most people think cheerleading is a sport than you have the people that disagree with all your information because everyone has their own opinion on different topics like mine and I agree with the people that think cheerleading is a sport. For an example on debate.

org 72% say yes to cheerleading being a sport and 28% say that cheerleading is not a sport.Cheerleading is a sport because it is very competitive not only that but just like other sports you can get major injuries in cheerleading by doing a very difficult routine. There are points in cheerleading they get points for their performance and how well put together there routine is. They also get points for difficulty and how everyone matches because cheerleading is a sport that you would need a teammate for. Some say cheerleading is for popularity but if you really think about that you are just stereotyping the subject cheerleader not all of them are popular.

While cheerleaders are doing their routine in front of a lot of people they have a lot of pressure on them for an example they have to throw people in the air and make sure that they catch them so they do not fall down because that would just be an injury waiting to happen. Like many other sports you get judge to see who is the better team or preformance and who does the better and more difficult routines. Not only is cheerleading a hard sport but it is very challenging and difficult. Also for cheerleading you can get rewards such as trophies and medals. Cheerleading is an athletic sport such as the other sports. Cheerleading has a lot of rules that come with it or that you would apply to it such as being on time to practice and knowing the routine you learned so that you can be ready to perform it and do your best. Also cheerleading is just filled with athletic activity. Cheerleader’s have a very difficult routine and they get scored on how well they perform it and how well there backbends are and front flips.

It’s not only the flips they get scored on they also get scored on how they look. Like making sure no one has a different outfit and there the same because if they looked different it would look odd or people would just be paying attention to that one person that looks like nobody else. Cheerleading is also an olympic sport and this can put a lot of pressure on the cheerleaders.

Cheerleading is not all fun in games just like a football game or a basketball game you have to focus and can’t be off because then you won’t do as good as you normally would. Cheerleading has many activities in it which make it more enjoying to watch like football, the activities in cheerleading are dancing, gymnastics, techniques, and stunting such as being in the air which can be very scary to a lot of cheerleaders. To be a good cheerleader or on a specific squad it’s a great level that you would have to meet. This is another reason why cheerleading is a sport because you need a certain amount of physical skills to be a good cheerleader because this takes lots of strength and endurance.

For cheerleading you need to be very flexible and be able to do a lot of tumbling these are very important in cheerleading Just like any sport though you would have to try out so cheerleading is just like any other sport that does tryouts you determine whos the best so that your team can go further.


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