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The target group on Aged care sector is elderly people who really need care. Characteristic of elderly people is, Low care; (formerly known as hostels) nearly provide accommodation and personal care which includes help with dressing and showering, and occasional nursing care. High care; High level care homes (previously known as nursing homes) offer care for people with a greater frailty and who often need continuous nursing care, is commonly cause by disease such as Parkinson and Dementia and injury. .

Identify the current needs of this sector’s target group (50 words). The need of elderly people is assisting them with personal care, including personal hygiene, eating and drinking, mobility and toileting needs. Supporting them with social and recreational needs, such as individual activity programs and attending social activities.

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Palliative care, health and safety, coordinating services in residential or community service including Meals on Wheels, home care service or day therapy centers. . Outline any changing needs of this target group (50 words). Over the time, the needs of resident in Aged Care will increase from low care to high care. Allocating resident from low care to high care is base to the doctor, Aged Care Assessment Team or Service (ACT/ACS) and the resident and resident Emily decision to look at the medical history and physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs.

D. Identify examples of how your selected organization meets the current needs of the target group.Example of the Aged Care meets the current needs of the elderly people is, the Aged Care is provide the resident in the aged care with assisting the older person with personal care, including personal hygiene, eating and drinking, mobility, toileting needs. Support the resident or the elderly people with social and recreational needs, such as individual activity program and social activities. What are the roles and functions of your selected organization?The Roles and function of Aged Care are; Role Functions Director of Nursing Supervising and reviewing nursing staff Overseeing the department budget Maintaining high standard of care Managing patients’ data and medical record Interacting with doctor, patients and family members Deputy Director of Nursing Ensure strategies are in place to deliver measurable and sustainable improvement in quality and safety in line with local and national best practice standards; Contribute to the clinical governance agenda often taking the lead o ensure that robust systems are in place within an improvement focused infrastructure; Ensure comprehensive line management Of teams Of registered and support staff; Efficiently and effectively manage resources and hold budgets; Develop and build the professional workforce in line with service needs; Develop, implement and evaluate innovative models of care delivery to meet the changing needs of the people who use acute services.

Register/Enrolled Nurse Promoting and maintaining health and preventing illness in individuals with a physical or mental illness, disability and/or rehabilitation needs. They are responsible for delegating task to assistant in nursing and aged care worker. Communicate with other member of the health team and advocates for the older person. Endorse Enrolled Nurse Responsible for providing safe, competent nursing care to resident including medication Receptionist Welcome visitors by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.

Direct visitor by maintaining employee and department directories; giving instructions. Maintain security by following procedure; monitoring logbook; issuing visitor badges.Assistant in Nursing Provides holistic us port and service to the resident that promotes their abilities, requirements, quality of life, independence, health and wellbeing. Physiotherapist Provides physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation to promote recovery, and maximize mobility and quality life. Physiotherapy treatment includes heat, electrical stimulation, exercise, massage and application of splits.

Divisional therapist Plans and provides program to support the older person’s social and emotional needs and physical and mental stimulation. These programs may include group or individual activities that promote leisure, enjoyment and elf-fulfillment.Dietitian A health professional qualified in nutrition and dietetics who specialized in the planning and supervision of diets for the treatment of health problem and to maintain nutritional status.

Maintenance staff Responsible for variety of maintenance and housekeeping roles within the facility. 5 Access and Equity: a Describe what principles access and equity cover. The principle that everyone has the right to fair treatment and access to service regardless of their gender, sexual preference, marital status, disability, religion, culture, racial origin, political preference, pregnancy or age. Identify examples of how your selected organization demonstrates access and equity.Provide the need of the resident from diverse linguistic and cultural background and responsive as far as practicable to the particular circumstances of individuals. 6 Improving Work Practices: a Describe ways that an organization can improve work practices. Follow up Keeps the employee on track, ensuring there is consistent effort.

Manage the work force but avoid micromanagement Employees does need to be managed, provided direction and given assistance. But with this they must also be trusted, given freedom to operate n their style and adopt measures which they think awe the best to deliver results. Encourage, motivate, reward and recognize The employer must ensure to encourage the staff. Encouraging them to move forward and do even better, and makes the worker feel happy.Innovative ways of motivating them spurs them even more. Team work Team work always helps in increasing workplace productivity since there is more input in the form of more ideas and minds at work. Working alone is not always the happiest situation either, especially in the field.

Successful team building and working together is bound to bring out the best out of the employees. Ensure that people enjoy their work The best performing employee is the happy employee, and the employer has to find ways of making his people happy. Besides working conditions and the work culture implemented, he has to devise ways of making the work seem challenging and interesting.Course and improvement option Employees are delighted when they can enhance their skills and get additional learning opportunities sponsored by the employer. This helps them learn, feel indebted for the money being spent on them, which also adds to their resume, and are obliged to perform better by applying all the knowledge gained in these courses. Tools and equipment to raise productivity The workplace must have the best machinery, devices and equipment that yield error free results in the minimum possible time. Efficient electronic equipment with no connectivity issues and breakdowns will help to save precious time. B Identify examples of how your selected organization strives to improve work practices.

The Aged Care provide better training for the staff about how to handle equipment, Performance review or meeting to keep the employee on track, ensuring there is consistent effort Name at least four legislative Acts that this service must adhere to for this particular service. Four legislative Act that Aged Care Service must adhere is, 1. Privacy Act 1998 2.

Racial Discrimination Act 1975 3. Sex Discrimination Act 1984= 4. Disability Discrimination Act 1992 5. Aged Care Act 1 997 6.

Work and Safety Act 201 1 7. Freedom of Information Act 1982 8. Human Right and Equal Opportunity Act 1986, which allows The Human Right and Equal Opportunity Commission to investigate complains under many of these Act. Task B – Self-reflection 7 Why is it important to reflect on your own work practices?Reflection on your own practice is important because it allows you to assess what you are doing well, identify areas where you might like or maybe need more training or guidance to ensure you are performing to the best you can, and are meeting all standards and expectations. 8 Under the following headings, provide examples of ways that you could get feedback and monitor your own work performance. A Formal methods: Formal feedback methods example is, formal appraisals performance review or meeting with supervisor.

Feedback provided through planned formal mechanism by superior or Deputy Director of Nursing. Informal methods: Informal feedback methods example is, communicated in everyday interactions, individual feedback seeking behavior.Provided through social sources such as; superior, peers, task and self-person (person to person feedback) 9 Under the following headings, provide examples various work practices from the Community Services Industry that you could reflect on. A Knowledge: Example: The Centerline worker assisted me with several items & showed her strong knowledge of Centerline products & services. She helped identify what services I required based on asking me general questions.

Skills: Example: A nurse handled my son when he was sick made him feel settled and calm. Her ability to stay calm & relaxed when patients are stressed & impatient is a skill she must have acquired over time & through experience. Attitudes: Example: The way in which a Centerline worker helped me with several questions I had on the services they could provide me was done with a highly professional attitude. 10 From your responses to question 9: Identify and discuss an area where you would like professional development.

From your responses to question I would like to improve my knowledge for y professional development. With knowledge I can more understand about aged care and improving every aspect including skill and attitudes to be a better care for elderly. A. Find a professional development opportunity which addresses this area that you would like professional development in.

Aged Care Certificate Ill b. Title of the workshop/course or development that is offered.TAFT NEWS course Number: CHICHI’S-01 VIA National Course Code: CHICHI’S Training Package: CHECK Community Services Related Pathways: Aged Care This course can develop knowledge, skill and attitudes to below personal care assistant, assistant in nursing care worker, personal care worker. C. Costs of the training. The cost of this course will vary based on the eligibility for Student Fee.

Qualification $1440 Second qualification $1 730 Concession $240 Exemption $0 First Non-government subsidized fee $61 00 d. Details of the workshop including the dates, location, hours, delivery method. Dates Location Hours Anytime : Study at home Self-paced. Maximum 12 months.Delivery Method : Online Task C: The workplace As CSS workers, we all bring to the workplace values and attitudes from our past.

Questions 1 For each of the following headings, provide an example from your experience/s and describe how this may influence your values and attitudes in working with people in the CSS (Word count 100-150 words total for all parts to question 12). A Working relationships b Dress code or professional conduct c Cultural beliefs d Grief and loss. Working relationship is important in working With people in any. Veer, the better relationship between each other in the work place the better values and attitudes we can reflect in our work.For example, trust the college and team to build a strong bonds that helps you work and communicate more effectively. If you trust the people you work with, you can be open and honest in your thoughts and actions. Dress code or professional conduct is the first impression about someone personality. A person who doesn’t take the time to maintain a professional appearance presents the image of not being able to perform adequately on the job.

Cultural believe whether it stems from differences in age, race, gender, education or experience, some diversity of thought will OCCUr in any work setting. People that are younger is typically less respected as they have less experiences than people who are older.Grief and ass can also influence values and attitudes in working with people. A person who experiencing loss will response to grief and leaving sad, angry, anxious, shock, regretful, overwhelm, and irritable. Grief has no set pattern. Everyone experiences grief differently. Some people may grieve for weeks and months, while others may describe their grief lasting for years.

Through the process of grief however you begin to create new experiences and habits that work around your loss. Conflict arises from differences. It occurs whenever people disagree over their values, motivations, perceptions, ideas or desires. 12 Describe five (5) traceries to resolve conflict and provide an example of each.Win-Win (let’s work together) Be creative Find a mutually acceptable solution Both parties support each other and agree to the solution Both sides are taken in account Both people win Example: I wanted to sell my phone for $500 and the buyer was willing to pay me $450, but I was not going to sell for a lower price.

After negotiation, the buyer agreed to pay $450 immediately and another $50 within the next 3 days. We both got what we wanted. I got to sell the phone for $500 and the buyer got the phone. Win-Lose (we are competitors) You force a solution on the other person Emphasis is on overpowering and minimizing the needs of the other person You are the winner and the other person loses.

Example: My husband and I have to go to work on the same day. We only own 1 car and both of us need transportation to go work. My husband decided to work from home and was able to help drive me to work.Accommodating Lose-Win (Make the other person happy ? accommodate) You give in the focus on meeting the needs of the other person You ignore your own needs and wishes and pretend everything is fine You smooth things over, but may complain bitterly to others that you have been disadvantaged. You are the loser and the other is the winner. Example: My husband wanted to watch football and wanted to watch my favorite show.

Changed the channel to the channel that my husband wanted and I did not mind to miss my favorite show. Lose-Lose (avoid conflict, it is too difficult to deal with) Assume there is no solution Problem are ignored and not dealt with. The relationship suffers ? no solution is reached Neither person’s needs nor wishes are dealt with. Neither person win.

Example: my friend borrow money from me, and I need the money back after she borrowed it for quite sometimes.

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