CHARACTERISTICS: than in his intellect. Like Pantalone,

CHARACTERISTICS: He specialises in everything; there is no subject on which he is not an expert. He is very oral and has great fondness for food; he is essentially centred in his belly rather than in his intellect.

Like Pantalone, he can be stingy, but this is more due to the fact that despite his upper-class appearance, he doesn’t have any money and is loathe to admit to it. He is never put off his endless prattle by parody, interruption, or even physical abuse. He can be carried off stage, whilst still holding forth.RELATIONSHIP TO AUDIENCE: Lectures the audience and makes grand proclamations to them. Uses the audience for confirmation when making a point to another character, whether the audience actually agrees with him or not.

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PLOT FUNCTION: Gives other characters a break from their exertions by his great fondness for extrapolating at length. He will provide such long-winded and impossible to understand explanations for things that the others will just give in and do it, or walk off and leave him prattling on totally unaware that he has been abandoned.


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