Character ardently loves her husband. However, she understands

Character Analysis Oskar SchindlerSchindler, the leading light of the film, is a German profiteer and the member of Nazi party. He is the one who saves the lives of about 1,200 jews during World War II.

  He is an opportunist who pursues benefit from the German invasion of poland. He never hesitates to do anything outside the law like offering bribes for his needs. He joins the Nazi Party only because it will help him for making more money.  At the beginning of the story, Schindler is an absurd man who is more concentrates on flirting with women and money making than virtues. He is completely apathetic to the troubles of the jews and has little concern for the moral part. Yet as he starts to see how the Germans are treating jews and understanding his Jewish labourer’s fate,he gradually changes from a self-obsessed to an honest person. His witnessing of the Krakow Ghetto evacuation has a great deal to do with his transformation. He develops a feeling for the Jews and begins to see his factory employers as humans.

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His compassion eventually forces him to secure them from the brutalities of German Army. He spend a major part of the film bribing Nazis to keep his employees unharmed. However, schindler’s impulsions may also be generous: it can be said that his own ego and selfishness led him to be a hero. Emilie SchindlerEmilie is Oskar’s wife, who ardently loves her husband. However, she understands he is not going to be honest, she moves away from him and waits until his mind changes.

 Amon GoetheGoethe is the director of the Labour camp in Poland,who is terrifying, ruthless and known for his utter indifference. Also he is a sadistic person. He is a kind of person who always seeks pleasure in torturing and murdering his Jewish prisoners. He is a staunch believer of the Nazi party.

 Itzhak SternItzhak is schindler’s accountant and a intellectual Jewish person.Stern realises immediately schindler’s selfishness and greed. He works for Schindler eventhough he didn’t likes him. But later when Schindler changes, there creates relationship of respect which turns to friendship among them. Stern is the brains behind the rescue of Jewish people. He is the one who finds a way to approach his essentially forced labor for Schindler into a way to save his fellow Jews. Stern begins to give factory jobs to Jews who otherwise would be left as non essential and probably be killed. Stern’s determination to save his people is very much clear Stern plays a major role by controlling Schindler gently from behind the scenes.

He makes the factory  a haven for the Jews before Schindler even notices it Helen HirschHelen is Amon Goethe’s Jewish maid. She is the target of his desire and disgust. She faces severe abuses which gives her both physical and mental wounds. 


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