Chapter the past. Dowry payment is one

Chapter TwoLiterature Review2.

1 Status of Woman in Bangladesh Women status in Bangladesh was very poor compared to other countries. But in recent time it is improving. Moreover this condition is not up to the mark. It is common scenario in our society is that women especially in poor level seek support from relatives rather than autonomy.

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This is the starting point of inequality (Rao, 2017). According to Watts et. al., (2009) it is evident in Bangladesh that women earning higher income are suffered from higher violence in the past.

Dowry payment is one of the main factors of violence. In some cases, women who possess higher autonomy are suffered higher violence in the past. This violence may be physical, emotional or sexual. But women having asset ownership suffer lower level of violence. Women participation in paid work is increasing day by day. It influences decision making power of women on the family.

It appears in our society that women don’t enjoy high degree of autonomy even if contributing in economic activities. They participate in minor decision making of family matters. But in severe matters they are dominated by men (Baliyan, 2014).

Maluccio et. al., (2003) stated that Bangladeshi society is dominated by men.

Though there is property ownership for women in Islamic law but in reality it is negligible. In most cases it is also controlled by men. In most cases it is seen that women don’t know about their portion of asset ownership. They are also ignorant of their savings and right to have these assets (Johnson et.

al., 2011).Ward et. al., (2009) estimated that there is a problem to achieve women education for confusing signals from market for female labor force and reluctance of parents for their daughter’s education.

In other context women cannot complete their study for involving in paid job. It is found that in 1991, women were hired in agriculture and industry, 18 percent were illiterate and 11 percent had secondary education. From this scenario it can be concluded that though there is increasing women asset ownership and working in paid work, the establishment of women autonomy is not properly in work.

This condition is improving in recent time.


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