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Chapter IIIResearch Methodology3.1. Research DesignThe research design refers to the overall strategy that you choose to integrate the different components of the study in a coherent and logical way, thereby, ensuring to effectively address the research problem; it constitutes the framework for the collection, measurement, and analysis of data. (Trochim & William, 2006) In this particular research, the researcher will be using both causal comparative research and relational research. This is because the study will be studying the relationship between the dependent and the independent variables and the influence of the independent variables on the dependent variables3.2.

Methodological Paradigms of ResearchMethodological paradigms could be understood as the main governing methodologies of the research. This research would be both quantitative and basic. As questionnaires will be used for collecting the data and finding the solutions or answers of the research questions, it would be a quantitative research and as the research would be carried to solve the problem as a whole not of a particular organization, in that sense it would be a basic research. 3.

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3. Population/ SampleSurvey as a technique of research will be considered for the study. Convenience sampling will be considered for the study whereby, random respondents near and easy to interact would be chosen. Furthermore, the diversity of respondents in the sample – in terms of gender, age and education level – would be tried to maintain.

3.4. Nature and Sources of DataFor the purpose of research, the data I collect would be both qualitative and quantitative. In this research, both primary and secondary data would be used. The sources of data would be websites as well as the direct interaction with the individual consumers and the business that were engaged in organic tea farming or distribution.

3.5. Data collection techniques Scientific methods would be used as they are most reliable and convenient methods to know the accurate information about the situation. In research, the following methodology for the data collection would be applied as far as analyzing the true picture of the subject following technique of data collection: 1) Questionnaire:A questionnaire as the technique of data collection will be used that would help to ease our study. Distributing questionnaires to individual consumers would help to collect important information that would be useful for this research. On the basis of the information generated, the information will be generalized to prepare the report. 3.6.

Data Analysis ProceduresThe data collected would be analyzed using descriptive statistical tools such as mean, weighted average mean, standard deviation and likert scale to describe the data after which we use inferential analysis such as co-relation to see relationship between dependent and independent variables and regression analysis specially t-test to reject or accept our hypothesis. The collected data will be analyzed using computer software like SPSS and other tools like MS Excel.3.7. Ethical ConsiderationsThe ethical considerations that were followed while doing this research were:i.

The participants will be informed exactly what they are being asked to do, and what they will be taking part in.ii. No pressure would be kept on individual to participate on the research.iii. The participant’s autonomy will be respected and they will be given freedom to withdraw from the study at any time, without giving a reason.

iv. Anonymity as well as Confidentiality would be maintained.3.8. Limitations of the StudyThis research could be conducted under various limitations. The limitations observed were:i.

The sample drawn for this research was representative of the population which might not be sufficient to make decisions related to research objective.ii. The sample might not include representative in equal number from different gender, education background and occupation, etc.iii. The research was conducted by taking the sample only from limited area.


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