Chapter II essay

Data mining an perform two basic operations: predicting trends and behaviors and identifying previously users with a view of what was happening. Data mining helps to explain why it was happening, and it predicts what will happen in the future. Being knowledgeable with data mining was essential in making of the proposed system especially for the searching files within the system. Dolman (2011), reviewed that within its final report that the state develop a “lifelong education data tracking system. The recommendation actually reinforces an effort that as already underway and it reflects an efforts to do here things: (1) coordinate existing data structures for education and the workforce, (2) create an individual record data collection system for education, and (3) integrate the three data resources. Data systems of this sort are not entirely new, but they vary by state and differ with respect to how they are constructed, how far students are followed, and who has access to that data.

What Della said is related to the study because consider the spread of states with individual unit record data tracking systems beginning nationally and then focusing. Seedbeds (201 1) explained that the court plans to use the system to track files for 30, 00 to 40, 000 cases annually. Initial, the RIFF system will be used in the criminal and juvenile divisions of the main courthouse. With the RIFF system in place, the court will automate the tracking and management of case files used to hold legal documents.

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This will spare employees from having to search manually for the files numerous files might be assigned to the same case. Each file receives a color coded label, depending on the kind of case, and printed with the name of the party involved in the case. Details about the file are hand-keyed into the courts database, and new details are input by and through the life of the case, such as the file’s current user and the case’s status.

What Seedbeds stated to the study because of the Barbara Sonorous, Marking is transacting file every day, and in this study it helps a lot to store and record the files. Local Literature Document tracking as defined by Deal Cruz, (2012) is being used for tracking documents from its creation or receipt, status current users and other distinct details. The benefit of automated document tracking system (DOTS) solution that, it leads up-to-date accurate and reliable document information that improves document utilization and accountability.

This kind of document management solution has aided most of the organizations, either under public or private sectors, worldwide. This is used to complete tasks at short period of time, to store important data for future use, to prevent files from getting lost and to mono tutor the flow of documents. What Deal Cruz discourses is related to the study for the monitoring and retrieval of files, that is easy to search files in a short period of time. It also provides security for the files to avoid of getting lost.

Dumdum (2012) shared that formal multinomial model reinforces this theoretical position. The only path to PM retrieval in the model is through monitoring Research showing that dividing attention during retrieval decreases PM performance support the monitoring theory. One interpretation of these results is that dividing attention interferes with an executive monitoring process that is necessary for identifying events in the environment as PM targets.

The statement is related the study because of retrieving and monitoring files is very important matters to secure files. And by those actions, the files can check if there is copied and lost. Roberta (2012) discusses that the Science and Technology Information Institute (SST II) has piloted a DOTS solution that lets workers fingers do most of the monitoring the flow of official documents through an automated process called STIR Online Document Tracking System.

Using the system, physical locations and actions taken on a document are easily and quickly to confirm. Significantly, it reduces manpower, time and office resources. It also enables the staff to access, view and verify the status of documents such as memoranda, special orders and letters of their concern through the internet. What Roberta discusses is related to the study in monitoring and searching f files. Employees can’t hard check files, only by clicking the System and typing the identification number if files are inputted.

According to Manila (201 1), Automation of an application of fully automatic procedures a well- performance and accurate data automatic operation especially by the use of electronic control mechanism and electronic computer for the rapid organizations and the processing Of data in a wide range Of technically industrial and business information. Antonyms (2010) cited that the Records Section receives and acknowledge communications, stores and inputs them n an excel-based database, enters in logbooks, and routes into Regional Director’s.

Office Microsoft Excel is being used as means of storage, retrieval, and monitoring and report generation of these documents. Several problems are being encountered such as search facility is too complex due to weak reference coding resulting to broad search results; turnaround of communication, document status and actions taken are not well-monitored; updating is not electronically coordinated; and report generation is still manually computed and encoded. These problems greatly affect the activities ND operations of the agency as to timeless, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

ADDS solution that automatically tracks the movement and monitors the status of documents and actions taken for such with the use of computers is of great help. A system solution that aids the processes and activities of the organization of documents is significant. This is related to the study because documents must be stored and managed in the most simple and immediate way, without adding workload to staff, indeed, removing a series of repetitive tasks. Related Studies Foreign Studies J. C. A. M Pubis studied that information systems are taking a prominent place n today’s business process execution.

Hospitals implement patient tracking systems and document patient, decease and treatment information. Municipalities record information about civilians and provide access to it for other institutions. One of the best known examples of information systems widely used in industry are so called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP and Oracles, etc. These systems manage nearly anything that happens within a company, be it finance, human resources, customer relationship management or supply chain management in order to support he business process these systems are becoming more and more process- aware.

They delegate tasks to groups of employees and keep track of everything that happens within the system. This related to the study because of the convenient it can create if it will be implemented and gives security to the files. And many of the organization are using a system that helps to access easily in the transaction of files. In the study of Fuller (May, 2013) the company h?s working it supports are providing great customer service but there are some issue that are a hindrance to the success of their company. The issue is IT Assets like computer, monitors and printers, to employees for use on the job.

Their problem is the same as ours while the IT manager of their company tracked a handful of IT Assets with a spreadsheet to record serial number, location, and the responsible party for each piece of equipment. As the company grew, managing its expanding fleet of assets became much more time-consuming and difficult to accomplish manually with confidence. Also mistakes were made when data was manually entered into spreadsheet. At time come fast, the company has purchased Mobile Assets and the WAP 1 200 mobile computer, with these systems the audit recess now can be completed quickly and painlessly.

By scanning barrowed asset tags with mobile computers, technicians can capture, access and verify each assets information without disturbing employees to move equipment or ask questions. As stated by Shells and Reasonable (201 2), Business Support systems provide job-related information Support to users at all levels of a company these systems can analyze transactional data generate information needed to manage and control business processes, and provide information that leads to better decision making.

The earliest business computer system replaced manual task, such as payroll processing. Companies soon realized that computer also could produce valuable information. The new system was called management information system (MIS) because managers were the primary users. Today, employees at all levels need information system for that support Business Support System has become a thread days to companies not only in the Philippines but in other Countries as well. Weasel (201 1) connoted that SLAB is the country’s government office that manages land records and deeds in the capital Of Manama.

It has employed radio frequency identification in order to track file folders that contain land deeds, cords and other official documents that circulate in the agency’s government office building. This identification system from Tracking IT Solutions is being deployed to prevent files from getting lost, and to improve the processes were being done by providing the workers and managers real- time information regarding the physical location and by processing a status of 25,000 active files circulating around the bureau’s seven story building.

What Weasel is correlated to the study because the files have identification number. For identifying if the files was inputted and not duplicate. Local Studies According to Oz (2011 ), System integration is often more challenging than Systems development. In fact, some IT professionals regard systems development as a Specialty of systems integration because the integration must develop systems with an understanding of how data maintained in disparate systems can be efficiently retrieved and used for effective business processes, and because legacy systems must often be interfaced with recently acquired systems.

The researcher has been seeking to further develop his programming skills by developing and integrated system for the proposed study. And this statement has challenged the researcher to go ended the usual system. As cited by Random and Margins(2012), Automated System helps save time, as people are able to process data needed in real time, helping them form informed decisions. Gordon points out in his book that one of the advantages of the system automation it is being time saving in retrieving data.

With an automated System, it is easier to generate reports, add and edit data in the database and at the same time data is secured. System automation helps to reduce risk that companies face when key employees who are responsible for the documenting process resign. Since the process is automated, the work goes on unaffected by hangs. It was necessary for researcher to have an insight on previous studies especially the one that deals with Human Resources Management System and has been able to improve the system and applied it the proposed Study.

Salvation (2010) noted that the necessity to systematized procedures is needed by each unit, for efficient provision of services and for the release of complete, accurate information, data statistics and report. Hence, automating the process involved is viewed as a solution, especially in processing personnel information. The Office of Personnel Services (OPS), mandated to handle response transactions and services, should equipped with an electronic personnel data information system, for proper documentation and accurate reporting.

What Salvation said can ease of operation: documents pass in a completely automatic way. Guiros (201 0), gathered that a system would respond immediately to queries regarding the status of the submitted documents and more importantly to prompt those in charge to perform their in the least possible period of time. And enable and monitor the processing officers and be more conscious on the number of processing days the document is taking them. It will give a big difference between now and before because processing offices will immediately act on the document they will receive.

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