Chapter I essay

A lot of people are onto online selling because of several reasons.

One of these is that online selling reduces the operational cost since the transactions are done in the web. It automates the checkout, billing payments, and other operational processes. Online system is available anytime, anywhere, thus it increase the traffic for the website. As for the customers they can choose the item they want anti me.

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Internet has done amazing things in innovating human life. The internet is known for communicating or meeting place of people around the world giving them a chance to get close together.One of the things people can do in he world of internet is to go shopping without going out of their house. Just connect to the internet people can explore the shopping world hassle free and less effort in going to the store. To shop on the internet has become an alternative for consumers since it is more comfortable than conventional shopping which usually attributed with eagerness, crowded, traffic, limited time, and any other factors that can disturb your shopping. Yet there is a wide variation on the level of acceptance and growth of electronic commerce in various region of the world resulting from the different internet characteristics.The current study investigates possible factors that influence people’s intention to use Online Buy and Sell. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM General The purpose of this study is to create a web-based system to serve as a tool for buying and selling products online using the internet.

Specifically this study aims to seek answer to the following problems: 1 . High cost selling of products in the market Shopping malls can be much expensive than those sold online because of expensive operational cost of stores like renting fees, electricity, etc. 2. Unavailability of the product in the marketNo assurance of the item if it is available in the market. Due to its limited production. 3. Limited Store Hour Every store has a closing time. 4.

High operational cost of selling in the Market Building your own store can be much expensive. Not to mention the laborer, staff, cashier, electricity, taxes and more 5. Slow Sale Manual method has a slower sale, and low profit, too. Objectives of the study The main objective of making Online System is not only to improve the efficiency but also to reduce human stress directly improving human resources. The following are developer’s objective on the realization Of the reject: 1.

To minimize the effort of selling the product Advertising the product with a minimal effort. The selling process is more convenient and easy than manual selling of product. 2. Buyers can purchase cheaper products. Either the item is pre-loved or brand new, items can be negotiable between buyer and seller transaction. 3. Seller have a low operational cost.

Sellers can endorse their items at a low cost as long as the user has internet connection they can endorse their items on the system. 4. To search specific product. There are different items uploaded on the system with the use of search the seers should be able to find their desired items. . To maximize profit of seller With the popularity of internet, many people already use internet as part of their daily lives, with this, the seller has a big audience for their items. Significance of the Study The significance of the study is to help its users by providing a faster and safer way Of using its services. The following are the persons who will be benefited by the developed Online Buy and Sell System: Guests (General Public ‘Buyers) They will have a more convenient time in searching things they want to buy ND at the same time gives them the best choice of the products they want to have with the help of this study.

Members (Sellers) The people who are subjected to this will be greatly benefited with this Online Buy and Sell because they will no longer need to manually do the selling process. All they need to do is to have an account then endorse their product and let the system handle the rest. Researchers Researchers are benefited in this study mainly to develop skills, implement a career plan, and participant in career pathway in preparation for the researcher’s career in the industry. Future Researchers This study would guide the future researchers on how to develop an effective online system.Scope and Limitations of the study The proposed study is about the development of an Online Buy and Sell System that has the capability to advertise, endorse and sell products through online. Secure the process of transactions by protecting all the data that are stored and manipulated inside the system. With this system the users would experience a hassle-free of transaction.

Scope Administrator Manage all accounts that are stored on the system. Maintain the system. Update the contents of the system Moderator of the system Guests Search items that are endorsed in the system by the members.

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