Chapter discussion questions essay

Why do Americans turn out to vote at lower rates than citizens in other democracies? There are several different reasons that affect the lower rate of turnout, income levels, education levels, partisanship and voter registration are some examples of the issues. People today do not trust the government as much as they use to. 2. Does the right to vote include the right to have one’s vote counted, even if the voter fails to follow instructions in the completion of the ballot? No, if it is not completed correctly. 3.

With regard to forms of participation other than voting, is there an upper limit of mass participation beyond which a democracy cannot function? I would say yes at some point there would have to be an upper limit some where. I think that some forms of participation can be a double edged sword such as rioting, it can cause positive change and negative results at the same time, kick at the race riots of the says. 4. Is it legitimate for a person to trespass on private property or block government buildings to draw attention o a political issue?

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Yes, it is a legitimate for of civil disobedience. This has been around since the founding fathers and the Boston Tea Party. 5. Has the environmental movement reached its peak in the United States? Is environmentalism likely to be more or less politically significant in the future? Do not think it has reached its peak as of yet. I think this issue is going to be a major issue in the future. The up and coming generations are going to be dealing with the effects of things that past generations have caused in the environment and you can see them making changes already. Alive there are going to be significant political moves made in this area. 6. Should people feel obligated to vote if they know nothing about the candidates or issues in an election? The right to vote or not to vote is a personal decision. I have my opinion on it, and do believe as an American you should educate yourself on the process and vote. I think it is your civic responsibility. Several people have died for your right to do this and you shouldn’t take it lightly. 7.

Is there a minimal level of voter turnout for an electoral system to be considered democratic? I did not read anything about a minimum voter turnout for the electoral system to be considered democratic. 8. What social movements have been most effective in reshaping the American political agenda? Abolitionism, agrarian populist, labor movement, civil rights movement, antiwar movement, women’s rights movement, gay rights movement, Christian right movement, pro life movement and anti-globalize movement superconducting questions 1 By cartels

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