CHAPTER first period and primarily not being present

CHAPTER 1The Problem and Its BackgroundLateness is a form of disruptive behavior. Lateness disrupts the rhythm of the class lecture, and also distracts other students who may be paying attention to the lecture. Literally, the term “lateness” implies a situation where an individual arrives after the proper, scheduled or usual time (Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, 5th ed., 1995).

The term “class tardiness” has been defined as students coming late, not attending lecture on time, missing out initial time from the first period and primarily not being present in the time set (Malik et al., n.d.)Waking up early in the morning is a big challenge to the students. The students need to wake up early to prepare all the things they need and come to school early, also to prevent late. Some students can’t do this simple things because a lot of them has many things to do before they sleep.

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A tardy student presents a lack of responsibility. Being tardy all the time to class is a sign of carelessness and a waste of time. Being on time is not only a duty for students, but also a part of good manners, respect and reputation. (Manoop, 2017)When students come to class late, it can confuse the flowing of a lecture or discussion, distract other students, and disturb learning teaching process.

Moreover, lateness can become frequent and infect other students. (Schneider, 1998). Late arrival students are disruptive and inequitable to other class members. Basically, there are a number of hidden reasons that students arrive to class late, which causes the source of the problem. Nontheless, instructors are responeable to establish appropriate dealing strategies to uproot such behavior.

(Bataineh , 2014). When the students come late in class, it can affect the class during the discussion time. It can distract the class that lead to loosing their interest to listen in the discussion.Many researches have indicated that class tardiness is a serious issue.

In our country, One of the major causes of lateness is going to bed late because it could result in waking up late and insufficient rest for the lesson on the next day (Nakpodia & Daflaghor, 2011; Paren, 2012). Most of the students do this thing because they have many things to do before they sleep. One of that is doing their school work, beside of school work, some students have a job at night. Late students can distract the class discussion and it can lead to loosing their interest to listen and sometimes getting mad at that late students. However, as a student, we need to do our part to prevent getting late in class and to stop distraction during the discussion time.It is a concerned problem here at Sta.

Elena High School, so that the researchers is need to conduct. The aims of this is to prevent the increasing number of students that are being late. To conduct this study, the researchers will given a questionaire form to answer some question about their reason for being late in class. This research will help to determined the main cause of the problem.

This may serve as guidelines to the students that is always late for them to be aware and also to the teachers and school administrators to understand some students for being late comers in class.


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