Chapter also records an inventory transactions in

Chapter 1


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Overview of the Current State of Technology
Technology nowadays is growing fast and getting innovative. Most businesses have been using many automated system to complete their day-to-day work. Some of them use automated system to make the labour more fast, efficient, and faster than the manual process.
An optometrist is a health professional who is trained to supply, prepare, and dispense optical appliances through interpretation of written prescriptions. An optician fits and finishes eyeglass lenses and frames and may also dispense low vision devices, contact lenses, and artificial eyes.
Automated Inventory system is one of Transaction Processing System; it is a process of locating and managing objects or materials. It also records an inventory transactions in which once you search a specific item it automatically identify the specific object and also display the additional information. Moreover, this system will inform you the remaining materials, supplies, or products. The inventory system is also updated each time you made a transaction, so you will be guided on how many products are still available for the following days or weeks.
Since technology is a big factor in these business industries the researcher thinks on having a project that would help the Robillos Eye Clinic of Ozamiz City. The owner stated that he is having a hard time in inventorying supplies and in recording his customer’s data and still uses a manual process such as recording different transaction in the index card. Which lead him to a big problem that when he needs to find a specific record of the customer he have to consume a lot of time for it. In other words it is time consuming compared to automated work.
The Robillos Eye Clinic needs an automated system that records its available supplies, needed supplies, record of sales and their client’s medical history. In order for them to identify
which product is still available for the two branches and which is not. Also for them to supply the both branches an exact amount of product.

The researcher believe that by making an automated inventory system for Robillos Eye Clinic answers the problem on inventorying supplies for easy transactions and for easy access of customers data or profile and lastly for viewing of the sales report.

Research Objectives
This study aims to improve the manual process of the eye clinic system.
The study aims to have:
• identify the problems encountered by the optometrist in getting client information;
• Identify the process of record-keeping in the Robillos Optical clinic; and
• Design, develop, and implement a Robillos Optical Clinic Information System

Scope and Limitation
The research is focused primarily on enumerating the current processes of Robillos Optical Clinic regarding record keeping of files and keeping the inventory of the eyeglasses, medicines and supplies. The research also includes solving the current problems encountered by the owner of the Optical clinic and finding out solutions on how to solve such problems.

Significance of the Study
The expected output of this study would be beneficial to the following:

Robillos Eye Clinic: The clinic owner is the main beneficiary of the research. It seeks to solve the current process by automation.

Client. The clients are ensured of data integrity and proper medical history since the research will include finding out the processes of creating a patient history

Secretary. The study would be beneficial to the secretary since the research seeks to solve the current problems encountered by the secretary regarding record keeping.

Future Researcher: it is beneficial to the future researcher because they can get ideas or reference from this project to develop and enhance their future inventory system.


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