CHAPTER Statement of the problem: Because of modernization



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Most people probably heard and went to Manila Zoo to share a great experience and fond memories. It has been one of the Manila’s tourist spot for all ages. The Manila Zoo with Botanical Garden has been running for more than half a decade. It is located at the center of Manila, along Quirino avenue corner Adriatico Street. It has been a place for educating the people regarding the nature at the same time to have a great time with their company.

But now, the glorious days of Manila zoo might all come to an end.It has been a decade since visitors noticed that the manila zoo was starting to unable to accommodate the needs and wants of the people especially the animals. People and other advocates have been crying for help to rehabilitate the precious zoo. They’ve been saddened by the situation of the animals living on the site.

People for ethical treatment for animals or peta are trying to suggest that the said zoo should be shut down immediately. It has been declared by the PETA as “tiny, decrepit and outdated facility”. This study will be tackling the environmental issue, the current status and issues regarding the safety and condition of the animals in the said zoo. Hopefully a proposed architectural design solution that will help the zoo to bring back its glorious day that can cater larger volume of tourist and most especially help the animals to have a habitat that is conducive for them to live in.2.

) Statement of the problem:Because of modernization of the current era, information can be spread out instantly. Through the use of social media, the current reviews or people’s opinions can now be seen quickly. People are lashing out their concern in the internet that immediate action is needed to be done. NEEDS evaluation and improvement• The disposal system is very poor.• The original cages are still present up until that is why they became rusty and starting to deteriorate.• Irresponsible tourist who doesn’t follow the rules at the zoo.

• The zoo doesn’t excite anyone anymore. • The conditions of the animal are very alarming because of the present situation of their habitat which is no longer safe for them to live in.• The place has a poor policy regarding the safety of their visitor.• There is no tourist guide in the zoo.• Some of animals’ and trees are not present in their respective places.• The place doesn’t serve it real purpose to educate the tourist about the wildlife.

• The man to animal interaction needs a room for improvement.• The restrooms are not sanitized properly.• There are few animals in the zoo that are worth learning.Objective: This study wants to cover all necessary things that needs to be fulfilled. This study aims to answer the following concerns:1.

To improve the zoo’s natural wildlife surrounding and put a more interesting fun amenities to develop the interaction between animals and the man.2. To propose a new solution that will cater the need of the new generation of people and make them feel a memorable and worthy experience.

3. To stage a show that will showcase the abilities of the animals. A fun way of expressing their talent that is safe for them and entertaining for the spectators.

4. To create solution for a modern and extraordinary nor unique design that will surely provide a beneficial for both animal and people. 5. To make that the zoo will serve its original purpose that is both for recreational and educational.6. to distinguish the reasons and evaluate the reasons of the declining interest of people and appeal to the zoo.

7. to find a solution that the well being of the animals are in their possible best condition.8.

to influence the readers nor the people to participate regarding the intention to bring back the manila zoon into its glorious day again.3.) Significance of the Study:This study attempts to figure out all necessary factors and concerns that affects the function of the said zoo. It is to answer all the problems and compose a solution that is both beneficial for the zoo and for the well fare of the animals. Create a habitat that will shelter their needs unlike the present that feels like a confinement for them.

adapt to the strategies of other successful zoo on how to maintain and improve a better relationship between animal and man.After this study, a design solution that tackles/solves the zoo’s important properties will be introduce. All aspects from the zoo’s environment, safety precautions, zoo’s tourism improvement, educational aspect and building components from architectural-mechanical-sanitary-electrical and structural systems. All existing issues and concerns will be carefully analyzed and will be the basis to create a design solution for the project.4.) Scope and DelimitationThis study will resume the issues and concerns of the people who have been a part of this agenda to promote the improvement of the manila zoo for the benefit of the animals.

It is also a way of preserving and promoting the importance of the wildlife. This research will be an additional tool to create an attention to the public and respective concern agency. This will show the flaws and the other issues to the habitat of the wildlife living in the zoo. Every animal has a different need that needs to be fulfilled for their welfare and protection of their kind. This will make the public to realize that their favorite leisure park is fast approaching to its end.

This research will be a tool to redefine the meaning of zoo. The authors will help to create a solution that will change the present situation of the animals and hopefully change their environment to make them feel home and not as a tool for entertainment. The goal is to change nor improve the zoo to a future proof animal sanctuary and Botanical garden. A different experience that can never be forgotten and a memorable story to be told to everyone. 5.) LIMITATION OF THE STUDY The authors are looking forward to making this study a worth reading material for realization of the country’s connected concern agencies and to the public.

They are expecting a major step and funding to support the chance to change the zoo to new wildlife sanctuary. Hopefully, provides all necessary things that the animal needs and all facilities that will both benefit the people and the wildlife. This study is eager to create a thorough study to really understand the need to have a immediate rescue/ help to the zoo.


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