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CHAPTER 1: WHAT POSITIONING IS ALL ABOUTSUMMARY: The first chapter of the book talks about on how communication being an important instrument to figure out how a message will reach the other party. We have to think about even the smallest message, it will be delivered whether you like it or not. The most essential part in communicating is focusing on the possible candidate than the product itself. With this, the selection process is much easier and uncomplicated. In advertising and marketing, it is important to convey your message clearly and on-point. CONCEPT: The first chapter of the book talks about positioning.COMPANY: Happy SkinSTRENGHTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Happy skin’s strengths are positioning their brand as skin care and makeup in one and they use local endorsers to strengthen the company’s name as a local brand.

For the weakness, they are not engaging with different promotional platforms to advertise their product which made them not known to some people.CHAPTER 2: THE ASSAULT ON THE MINDSUMMARY: The second chapter of the book shows some interesting facts that can be seen that support their argument about an over-communicated world:– America consumes 57% of the world’s advertising.– 30,000 books are published in America annually.

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– 98% of all American homes have at least one television set.– The average American family watches television more than 51 hours a week.– 5,000 new products are introduced into the American market each year.This shows how using different advertising platforms are important in communicating with consumers to have an effective and convincing message.CONCEPT: The second chapter of the book talks about communicating using different advertising platforms and how people respond to it.

COMPANY: Ginebra San MiguelSTRENGHTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Ginebra San Miguel is first ever Philippine gin and the largest selling in the world, they use strong marketing communication programs to persuade people to try their products.They are losing their international assets.CHAPTER 3: GETTING INTO THE MINDSUMMARY: The third chapter of the book talks about how being first into a person’s mind is beneficial for a firm.

Having this advantage over competitors will put you in a good position to compete with other products. For example, Coca Cola was the first when it comes to cola; they have this advantage of being number one when it comes to this industry. It is hard for other competitors to keep up and try to beat the top brand.CONCEPT: The third chapter of the book talks about positioning strategiesCOMPANY: AlaskaSTRENGHTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Alaska milk is a truly Filipino product and was first manufactured in the Philippines. High dependency on imported raw materials.CHAPTER 4: THOSE LITTLE LADDERS IN YOUR HEADSUMMARY: The fourth chapter of the book talks about over-communicated world and how people tend to rank brands like using a series of ladders. It is determined by the brand’s equity to consumers and how they positioned their brands.

Companies are competing towards each other to get the top spot, but in the end big companies win and the other party lose. The book stated an example for car rental industry, Hertz might be the top of the ladder to some people while Avis is the second and National at the third spot.CONCEPT: The fourth chapter of the book talks about product categoryCOMPANY: Datu PutiSTRENGHTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Datu Puti offers a wide range of varieties that makes people buy their products.They are not engaging with different marketing communication programs that would thrill the consumers.CHAPTER 5: YOU CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERESUMMARY: The fifth chapter of the book states the importance of knowing when to stop trying and when to quit. A company has to face the truth and accept they cannot go anywhere when they are losing the competition. In the book, they used IBM as an example of how to compete against a big company in an industry where competition is really tough. Firms can take this as an advantage where they take the position they already have in the minds of customers, this is the best strategy in this kind of situation.

CONCEPT: The fifth chapter of the book talks about positioningCOMPANY: Lucky MeSTRENGHTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Lucky Me advertises their products well, they already established their brand to the market. They only have few variants of their products.CHAPTER 6: POSITIONING OF A LEADERSUMMARY: The sixth chapter talks about being the number one company with the highest market share in an industry.

It is much easier for a firm to stay at the top of the competition when it comes to maintaining your position rather than climbing your way to the top. Being the leading company does not guarantee a permanent position and being complacent towards a competitive field will not work. You will just end up losing the game and lose the things you worked hard for. Firms should understand that the power of the product is the essential part of the firm not the firm towards the product.CONCEPT: The sixth chapter of the book talks about market leaderCOMPANY: Globe TelecomSTRENGHTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Globe Telecom is a market leader in the Philippines when it comes to telecommunications.

Globe has weak wireless signals that harm their brand.CHAPTER 7: POSITIONING OF A FOLLOWERSUMMARY: The philosophy “bigger and better” must be avoided. In the book, they called it “Cherchez le creneau”, which means to look for the hole. You must fill that hole to not fall into the trap that you tried to fill to be perceived as better than others. Under market positioning, they are classified as the leader, challenger, follower and nicher.CONCEPT: The seventh chapter of the book talks about perceptionCOMPANY: PenshoppeSTRENGHTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Penshoppe is able to expand from designed shirts to clothing lines and even personal care products.They use international models to have a perception to Filipinos because they tend to think that when a brand is endorsed by international artists, the products are good quality.

CHAPTER 8: REPOSITIONING THE COMPETITIONSUMMARY: The eight chapter of the book talks about on how you can reposition your brand, basically on how you can replace an idea in the first place into the minds of the consumers, to enter a new idea or replace it. Thus, indeed you must give out a factual and convincing argument to them in order for them to be convince. Moreover, the chapter talks about the repositioning of Aspirin, Lenox, American Vodkas, and Pringle’s. From the book Aspirin move out from the minds of its customers because of the advertisements of Tylenol which directly attack Aspirin, that in order to do a great repositioning strategy you have to say something about your competitor’s product that may cause for the consumers to change their perception about it. It was also talk about that it is ethical and legal on using repositioning. The answer was yes, they are legal but however there is a problem that in the comparative advertising where you differentiate you brand among your competitors, it is not against the law and nor should it be, but it makes as a practice it seems to be in a mockery way.

STATEMENT OF THE CONCEPT: The chapter eight of the book mainly talk about the repositioning strategy of your brand.COMPANY: The company that uses this strategy is SCPG Asia Pacific in repositioning their product.STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: The company SCPG Asia Pacific use the repositioning strategy onto there product, which there primary product is the Perla Laundry Soap, first of Perla is a soap mainly use for your laundry, thus there strength on having this laundry soap due to that it is a coconut-oil based they used this advantage to reposition there product that this soap can also be used for the face and to the body because it is again coconut-oil based.

From that consumers heard of this and due to curiosity, they have used it and from that the company SCPG Asia Pacific have increases their sales. However, due to the increase threats of competitors in the market which is rather bigger than them it lowers their market share because they only produce Perla Soap as they don’t innovate through past years and their competitors keeps on producing different variants of their soap.CHAPTER 9: THE POWER OF NAMESUMMARY: The chapter nine of the book talks about the power of a name that can increase your products awareness from the prospects. It is said that naming is what hooks a brand to differentiate you from your competitor, thus this is the most important decision that you have to take along the way if you want to start. Which is in today’s generation the name you should pick must be appealing because your product won’t work if it has say-nothing name in the market, not like before name of a brand is not really that important. Thus, a good name of a brand is the best insurance that you can have for a long-term growth and success.

However, due to timing your brand can work if its name doesn’t have any meaningful background especially if it is you are the first in the business people will easily remember you. Moreover, a negative name can rather be positive sometimes.STATEMENT OF THE CONCEPT: The concept of the chapter mainly talks about branding or naming your brand to be to introduce it to the market.COMPANY: A company which I can say that have a applied this thing when naming their brand is the Silver Swan Manufacturing Company, Inc. because its name was derived from its original owner Sy Bun Suan.

If we will apprehend the name itself, we would be confused because what is this product all about when we are not familiar with the brand, we won’t know that it is a condiment product. Moreover, the company actually named their product in a timing because there is the first branded soy sauce in the condiment industry that why people where easy to be aware of the product. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: With regards of the strengths of Silver Swan Manufacturing Company, Inc.

on how it succeeded in the branding of its name, their strength was there brand name was easily associated that it is a Filipino brand, also they are the number one brand of soy sauce in the Philippines, they also made themselves as high in awareness of the consumers when they make purchase of their products in the market. The branding had made them successful through out the years and even up to this day Silver Swan is the fourth most brought in the Philippines as based on Kantar Worldpanel survey. Moreover, the weaknesses of Silver Swan CHAPTER 10: THE NO-NAME TRAPSUMMARY: The chapter ten of the book tackles about the shortening, using initials, syllables, or short handing a brand name. When there is a choice of word that you want to put up or even a set of initials, it must be in phonetic length which can employ a speech of sounds. But usually companies today gone through a lot of things when they go to this phase that in order for them to stay out of trouble, they make sure of looking the name right but without considering it’s sounds it produces in the words it creates.

Moreover, this chapter also talk about on how shortcuts of words doesn’t lead straight to success because first a company must be successfully well known first before it will shorten its branding. Also, the chapter talks about the mind works by the ears or through it. As this thing is the most useful concept idea. Thus, through by it we tend to hear advertisement program of other brands when they play with sounds that make us remember them, thus in the book it was seen that using visual program sometimes can create distractions. STATEMENT OF THE CONCEPT: From this what I can derived from the chapter is the concept Rebranding, because as you only use initials on your brand name people especially on a specific place you are targeting, they can easily be aware that it is you brand and you rebrand your name because you feel that it can be much more attract customers.COMPANY: The company which have done this strategy is the company Globe Telecom from their product TM, which people now associate them as the “Republika ng TM”, they renamed there brand in 2005 from mainly called Touch Mobile, which only few people only know because TM on the other hand is much easier to understand and the awareness of the people by this carrier is high. The company which have done this strategy is the company TM, which people now associate them as ReSTRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: The strength of the company of Globe Telecom using to rebrand their product TM has been successful as today it is one of the leading cellular service.

As TM before is launched to be called Touch Mobile and have gone through a lot of rebranding since then as it is through that shortening doesn’t lead to straight success. Globe Telecom launched TM to serve as a value pricing for the people who are on the middle-income market, their strength is that TM offers a much more affordable promos where consumers kept on coming back. However, the weaknesses of the company as TM rebrand there for a few times is that what if they are still going to rebrand it in the future and people might not be used on calling it in its new way.CHAPTER 11: THE FREE-RIDE TRAPSUMMARY: The chapter eleven of the book tackles about the STATEMENT OF THE CONCEPT:COMPANY: The company Universal Foods Corporation on their ketchup products.STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: CHAPTER 12: THE LINE-EXTENSION TRAPSUMMARY: The chapter twelve of the book tackles about on how line extension is significant is, when taking an established product name and using it to come up with a new one. Than when introducing a new extension, you must consider on how your customers will see it because as they perceive you as a high quality, therefore you produce a new product line which is in a good quality or even better. Rather the rationale changes when introducing a new line extension of a product which in the same category where you are adding it.

Moreover, if you have a generic brand name, you cannot risk ignoring it, thus you must promote where its strategy is at. Which can conclude that the strength of a generic brand name in the market is that it is close with the identification with the other product itself. However, when the line ex-tensioning is not working you can revert and use reverse line extension which is about broadening the base of your product offering where you can easily notice a product with the same packaging a label thus it changes it application process when using the product.STATEMENT OF THE CONCEPT: The concept about this chapter is about line-extension of products that you are going to put in in your categoryCOMPANY: The company that uses this line-extension is the Del Monte Philippines who is a a company in the Philippines which is in the packaged food industry and extends is product extension in producing a new product line in the market.STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Del Monte is known for producing the pineapple drink which became their strength because this is their famous product that is nutritious and fresh and throughout the years, they kept on adding a new line-extension of the product which lead them to add a pineapple juice which is a heart smart to target different segment. The weaknesses however of the Del Monte brand is that they have not identified the problems and challenges of the new entrants in the segment, also the inventory of their product depends on the life cycle of there primary raw material which is the pineapples.CHAPTER 13: WHEN LINE EXTENSION CAN WORKSUMMARY: The chapter thirteen of the book tackles about the short-term and long-term with regards to their advantages and disadvantages of a line extension.

It is an advantage that the reason for line extension is with its short-term goals. However, there is a misinterpretation that might happen when your first announcement or statement about your product is wrong, people could be confused and be distracted. The chapter also talk about the long-term disadvantages that might happen in the run. It is an easy come and easy go for these products line-extension names are however forgettable as they have no independent positioning in the minds of the consumers, they are only a connecting branch of its own main branch. To continue on to act one is a big success, or a big breakthrough when you find a gap you want to fill in or it can result brilliantly. STATEMENT OF THE CONCEPT: The concept in this chapter is still about the line extension or we can now say the product concept or innovation. COMPANY: The company that uses this strategy is that the Davenben Enterprises Corp. which is known for their product Memory plus a natural memory enhancer.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: The company Davenben Enterprise Corp. strength was is that there are primary known in the Philippines as produces a medicine for memory enhancer for kids which is the Memory Plus, however through the years they added and introduce their Memory Plus Gold which now facilitates learning, improves ones learned behavior and delays and also added some new benefits that you van received when take. But there was a weakness on their product on the first product they had which is did not succeed because their Memory Plus Gold product was much more known due to the target market. In their first product they targeted children which parents are the one who will purchase and their perception on it is that what if it is going to had a side effect on their kids especially on a young age. In addition, kids’ memory are still good because they are still young. CHAPTER 14: POSITIONING A COMPANY: MONSANTOSUMMARY: The chapter fourteen of the book tackles about the approach Monsanto. First of we can indeed position anything it can be a person, product, place, and even a politician. Moreover, with regards to name there can be a problem if you want to position your company to what it should it be really is, thus there is risk in it.

There should be a stand for something, that if you stand to be serving or producing quality your company has the tendency to successful and having a successful company means to having a better people that comes with it other than small companies. Next to it is with diversification of your company but in order to succeed on this your prospects must rather have a view on not only what you offer but what you do in the industry. In addition, a company can gain more profitability when diversifying. Moreover, the Mosanto approach where if you want o start on a good place you must first have a clear and concise of what your company is really is alongside with your mission and vision, and also by acting through it.

These chapter tackles about the product leadership, business leadership, and industry leadership. STATEMENT OF THE CONCEPT: The concept in this chapter is about the diversification of your brand from its competitors.COMPANY: The company that uses this kind of strategy is the Suyen Corporation on their brand Bench/.STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: The brand bench have been successful through the years as they continue to diversify their product offering and offers a wide variety of product in the market. They are known for apparel industry, cosmetic or beauty product, to salons, and even a restaurant their newest flagship store. From these Bench have succeeded in the market and continues to penetrate the Philippine market in our country.

However, their weakness was that as they continue to enter international operations they must increase there quality of product because they are now competing with the international brands in the market.


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