Chapter ringing bell that getting more attention and

Chapter 1: Introduction1.

1 Research Background Development of construction industry in Malaysia has been indirectly affect to the addition of construction waste. The waste that produced by the construction projects giving some negative impacts to the environment. As the government’s sources specify that the landfill space in Malaysia are having shortage and the number of illegal dumping activities from construction projects in Malaysia increase, it shows that the construction waste management among Malaysian need to be concerned.

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Environmental issue is like a ringing bell that getting more attention and awareness in Malaysia. From the SW Corp Malaysia, over 40,000 tonnes of waste produced every day in Malaysia. (SWCorp, 2017)1.2 Problem StatementWaste that produced by the construction activities are giving a serious environmental impact in Malaysia. The burden of the landfill loading has been increasing as the construction waste keep increasing.

As the available landfill is very limited, there are many construction industries started to look for an alternative solution for the disposal of construction and demolition waste for example recycle and reuse.In order to do the straight disposal, a proper waste management can reduce the environmental risk efficiently. By following the 3C, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, there will be a reduction of disposal cost, keep the construction site safe and clean and conserve the valuable space.

?1.3 Research Objectives and ScopeThe aim of this study is to investigate the waste management system in Klang Valley, Malaysia. To achieve the aim of this study, the objectives of this project are stated as follows;1. To study the waste practices in Klang valley.2. To investigate types of construction waste in Klang.

3. To suggest the solution for better waste management system in Klang Valley.This study scope is focused on the waste management of construction site in Klang Valley, Malaysia. This research is to get more knowledge and information about the types of construction waste in site and the ways of their practice to manage and suggest the solution for better waste management system in construction site.The first limitation that I face in this study is that insufficient of time in order to collect all the information from all construction industry sites in Klang Valley. Next, the scope of collect information is only limited in Klang Valley, therefore the results is not able to represent the waste management practices of sites in Malaysia but only able to represent the minority of the construction sites in Klang Valley.

?1.4 Significant of StudyAt the end of this study will show the better solution of implementing the waste management in construction industries. An effective waste management will help a lot in reducing the disposal waste, operating cost and save the environment.

Furthermore, a good environment will be given to the construction sites workers. An awareness among the construction industry if each of people practicing the good and effective waste management on site.?1.

5 Research Method OverviewAs the figure 1.1 illustrates the procedure of producing a report. This is important this flow chart can be a guideline to follow to ensure the report are always keep on track and create a well presented report. When the research topic is selected, the problem statement has risen up as the aims and objectives are formed after that.

The tools which is also known as the instruments used in this research are questionnaire survey. 100 sets of questionnaire are sent to the respondents by google form. Furthermore, lots of readings and searching from internet are done to improve the knowledge for this subject and written in the literature review. Primary and secondary data are all compiled and combined to be used in data analysis. After data analysis is done, the report is produced and tallying discussions with conclusion, lastly with some recommendation for further studies towards this topic.

?1.6 Organisation of the DissertationChapter 1 is the introduction to the topic selected. This chapter gives a general view on the selected topic and the purpose of creating this research. It consists of a research background, problem statement, aims and objectives, scopes and limitations of study, significance of study, research questions, research methodology and structure of report. Chapter 2 contains a review of literature about construction waste management.

This chapter consists of definition and types of construction waste, generation of construction, construction waste management and the final topic is the construction waste management and its benefits. Chapter 3 is research methodology which outlines the approaches that have been used to conduct this research in collecting data either primary or secondary data. This chapter includes the research methodology process and research direction. In chapter 4, statistical analysis will be carried out by tabulating the results obtained from questionnaire survey. Lastly, summary findings are produced from the analysis and supported by data.

The other part will be the conclusion of the overall research based on the objectives. It is followed by recommendations on the construction waste management and further researches.?Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction


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