Changing oil change. Step 2:When parking car,

Changing the oil for a car is necessary and this is something that you can do it yourself. Most of the task is easy, but you require the understanding the performing when changing the oil for your car. Getting a regular oil change is the most essential work you need to prolong your car’s engine. You can do this job simply in 20 minutes if you know how to do it right.

Tools and Material needed for changing oil:3.5 or 4.5 liters of oilOil filter wrenchBox with variable size wrenchFunnel Rags New oil filterJack standsStep 1:Pull the car in a space with enough working area to perform the oil change. Step 2:When parking car, remember to use parking brake (handbrake) in order to make the not move and remain on the ground when you jack the car. Step 3:When jacking up the car, you need to locate the jacking point first. You can check the owner manual for specific information if you have no idea where the jacking point is. After jacking up the car, you can place the jack stands on the jacking point. Then place the drain pan underneath the engine.

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Step 4:Open your hood of the car and locate the oil cap on the top of the engine then open it. Under the car, you will the oil pan which is attached to the bottom of the engine. After that, you will find and remove the drain plug.

Step 5:Wait for few minutes for the oil to drain out of the car. After the oil has stopped running out the oil pan, put the drain plug back. Check and clean carefully the area of drain plug.

Step 6:Now you head back to the oil filter. First, you should check and locate where the oil filter. The oil filter is not placed in standard position. Therefore, it can be put front, back, side of the car depending on the model. After locating the oil filter, you can remove the oil filter by hand.

In case you cannot remove it by hand, you can use some oil filter removal tool to do it. Step 7:Now you put back the oil filter. Before you put it back, pour a small amount of new oil into the oil filter because it will reduce the time the car needs to regain the suitable oil pressure. Step 8:Before adding the new oil into the car engine, cover the engine with some rags which was prepared and put the funnel on the fill hole, so you will avoid the oil spilling out. After that, you can add the oil through the funnel into the fill hole without any spilling out. You should replace the oil cap and check the dipstick. Now start the car and check the oil pressure gauge on the dashboard if it is on or off.

Step 9: Check any leak at the bottom of the car. Lower the from the jack stands and recheck the dipstick level if the new oil is proper for the car.Step 10:Now pour the old into the oil bottle and bring it to Walmart or any auto store. Old oil is hazardous and need to be disposed properlyDoing the oil change is an easy task. However, it is not the job for everyone because it needs caution and the accuracy when doing the proper procedure step by step in order to avoid the injury.

If you perform the oil change in right direction, it should be finished in around 30 minutes plus checking all the safety warnings.


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