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Change In Strategies For Onshore And Offshore ImmigrationThere are a many types of Australian visa with their own rules Tourist Visa, Partner Visas, Work Visa and Family Visas. Partner Visas is convert into Onshore and Offshore visas but are discussing here about the Onshore and Offshore Immigration.1. Difference between onshore and offshore immigration:If you want to spend your life in Australia with your partner ? You need to apply for onshore and offshore a partner visa for that.

First we should understand the different between offshore and onshore visa .Here is some details off onshore and offshore immigration. Onshore: Onshore that you are applying for your visa when you are living in Australia. For onshore visa you must need to follow these rules:1.

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You can’t work until the visa is granted2. Your Visa usually takes a lot longer to be processed inside Australia3. The Government Visa Application Will Charge you very high.4.

You need to get to Australia first and they need a visa with no Condition 8503 on itOffshore: Offshore visa means that you are applying for your Australian visa when you are not living in Australia and you apply from outside country. 1. Outside Australia when we apply for the application2. Outside Australia when they make a decision the visa. What is Onshore Partner Visa?Onshore partner visa which is depend on two stage process. You have to apply that when you’re living already in AustraliaThe first stage of partner visa involves the granting of a temporary visa which allows you to live with your partner in Australia for two years.

Then second stage of partner visa is a permanent visa which allows you to stay with your partner in Australia permanently or lifetime.The onshore partner visa not only requires you to be in Australia when you lodge the application but also in Australia when the decision is made.If you already have a visa when you apply for your onshore partner visa, you will be granted a bridging visa to allow you to stay in Australia until your onshore partner visa will be approved.What is Offshore Partner Visa?This partner visa is different to onshore partner visa.This visa means that you apply for the visa while you are offshore in another country.

1. Once the visa is granted, you are able to come to Australia.2. This Offshore Partner visa is also depending on two stage process.

The first stage give you with a temporary visa and allowing you to stay with your partner in Australia. The second stage of partner visa is a permanent visa for living in Australia.3.The offshore partner visa requires that you are overseas when the applications made. You must also be overseas when the decision is made for you visa.

What Is Difference Between Temporary And Permanent Visa?You can apply for both two stages temporary and permanent visas for Australia at the same time.The temporary partner visa will allow you to travel in and outside of Australia while you wait a decision for your permanent partner visa. A temporary visa allows you to enroll in medical benefits and you can work or study in Australia.

Australian permanent resident information :An Australian permanent resident is the name given to a non-citizen who is the holder of a permanent visa. The permanent resident can live or work or study without restriction in Australia.1. The Person who has permanent resident has most of the rights and entitlements of a citizen however there are differences:2.

The citizen who has an automatic right of entry to Australia however if a permanent resident chooses to travel internationally, they need to ensure they have a permanent visa with a valid travel authority if they wish to return to Australia as a permanent resident.3. The Person Who is Australian citizen can vote easily in Australian Elections. In most cases permanent residents cannot, however if a permanent resident was enrolled to vote (as a British subject) prior to 1984, they may remain eligible to vote.Eligibility For Australian Partner Visa:1. The Person must be married an Australian citizen.

2. The Person must be married an Australian permanent resident.3. The Person must be married an eligible New Zealand citizen.Onshore Immigration Protection:The Refugee program give options for the people who are in living Australia and they want to apply for the protection its Depend on how they arrived in Australia some rules are mentioned here :1.

The Person who wants onshore protection must be arrived in Australia legally and can apply for the onshore Protection visa (subclass 866).2. If you did not apply for a Protection visa before 1 October 2017 and If your visa is going to expire soon or if you visa has been expired then you should go to the official website of Australia :

au/trav/visa/visa-about-to-expire-or-expired And visit this page for you visa extension and this is the fastest and most easily way to resolve your immigration problems.Offshore Immigration Resettlement:The offshore component of the Refugee Program include resettlement of people needing humanitarian assistance to Australia who do not have any other long-lasting solution are available for them.There are two categories of visas under the offshore resettlement program:1. Refugee category program.2.

Special Humanitarian Program category .


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