Censorship the growing trend in support of media

Censorship is when having the government trying to hide or have false information go out into the public since they want the public to have no knowledge on what’s really going on.Censorship has been around for a long time which gave time to make sure information doesn’t go out to the public. Censorship goes on into different types of ways for example: books,the media,speeches,newspapers,etc,basically anything that will be able to get into the public’s eye.

For years, the government has try to make sure no top information goes into the hands of the public,in order to make sure it protected they take extreme measures in order to protect what they believe is wrong for us to see.The government already has cover up mostly of the information we can’t get to see or know and also there are individuals who are being kept away from what they want to say to the public. Which, shows how as corporate power has grown and come to influence the issues on which ordinary Americans should be able to speak out, new strategies have developed to restrict free speech on issues in which corporations and property-owners have an interest.The government controls each one of us which censorship can’t be limited since we have no right or the power to do that.The goverment don’t use to get influence and go against them which is why we are being controlled.The third person effect hypothesis, which states that individuals exposed to a mass media message will expect the communication to have a greater effect on others than on themselves, may help to explain the growing trend in support of media censorship.

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Control or Limited By The Government  Individuals have a hard time getting their beliefs into the public because the government control on what does out and what doesn’t go out. A series of chapters on government censorship addresses government surveillance and harassment; government secrecy and direct censorship; bureaucratic restrictions on information; government controls in the press, media, and travel; restrictions on academic and scientific research; and the continuation of censorship in the post-Reagan era. We as individuals are getting kept away from what we believe and on what we should deserve to know.

Controlling our life system won’t keep us still when we want answers,some individuals known as writers,authors or speakers their works have been banned from the public’s eye which the government sees them as a threat to the county.But controlling too much is not good because in my opinion I feel that it will give more power to the government than they already have and I see no wrong that someone want to share with others on how they feel and what they believe, not every speech done by someone will be a threat to the nation,maybe they are trying to influence people or threaten them. It shows how as corporate power has grown and come to influence the issues on which ordinary Americans should be able to speak out, new strategies have developed to restrict free speech on issues in which corporations and property-owners have an interest. By having us be kept shut,there are advantages that other individuals with more power takes on us.

Individual freedom are taken away from those who aren’t able to stand up for themselves without having the help of a powerful individual,which means we need different powerful individuals that we are influence which could be a good affect or bad one.One type of individuals that taken advantage of employees.It is a widely accepted proposition that large corporations not pose a threat to individual freedom comparable to that which would be posed if government power were unchecked.

.The threat to individual freedom posed by employer power has special significance because we dependent upon others for our means of livelihood, and most of our people have become completely dependent upon wages. Our life have been depending on the resources of those who controls us on our every move which is the government. Secret services and other government organizations can use this fact to block access to information or monitor communications.

One of the most popular and easy to perform techniques is to make information on the Web inaccessible by censoring or manipulating the Domain Name System (DNS). Censorship has been controlling us on how we should see things by censoring information or videos in any kind of communication we used.In fact, social media’s real potential lies in supporting civil society and the public sphere—which will produce change over years and decades, not weeks or months.

The U.S. government should maintain Internet freedom as a general goal, not as a tool for achieving immediate policy aims in specific countries. Most media are completely control which makes it harder for the people to get their word at there in the public.

On the other hand, the contemporary press freedom that appeared in conditions of the new market economy in the beginning of the 1990s has brought discredit as to the conception of an exclusively positive impact of unconditional eedom on the mass media since the newspapers, television and radio channels were controlled by several powerful oligarchs who used the owned mass media to spread and support their political influence. Being fully control by the government means they use censorship to make sure no information gets out which could be good since most of us don’t want to threaten their country,but since most us are the opposite of staying away from spreading information we are all being treated like we could do a huge damage on our country. College journalists act as watchdogs on student government,ensuring that student money is wisely spent and student justice equitably administered.College students have a greater stake than anyone in the conduct of government on campus,and they have unparalleled access to campus officials and information. Our individual freedom is not the only thing that is being control,our way on how we communicate with others is being track by the government.

Examples include government enforced censorship, wiretapping, and protocol deployment mandates for IPv6 and DNSSEC. CONCLUSION   If the government is limiting us on what we can actually see they could have a good reason on why they doing that.The buzzword of “confidential information” (commercial, state, or military secrets) replaces earlier references to political or ideological control but is equally open to wide interpretations. This article describes the limited access to information in Russia as a form of highly effective censorship. But on the other hand there could be cons since the people will be able to rebel against those who are not be able to control them.

Even if the government lets us share our private information they will still be tracking us on our history in the internet and having our rights controlled could be good since the government will hide it if the information release could affect others. In a repeated version of this game, the advisor will care (instrumentally) about her reputation simply because she wants her valuable and unbiased advice to have an impact on future decisions. The government controlling censorship is a way to make sure no information that’s out is danger to them but they kicking anything is they find that could be a treat to them.

For example,in the artist perspective books are being excluded from the public which is not since we want to also know what they are trying to hide.In Brave new world by Aldous Huxley, is set in a future utopia, and chronicles one man’s ‘the Savage’ inability to cope with the new order. In Huxley’s utopia the ‘numero uno’ is devoted to pulling-the-wool over the eyes of the world’s population, and having them live according to a carefully prescribed physical and emotional lifestyle – behaving like a flock of sheep.

The government doesn’t want us to see how our society could be turn and how it can affect them too. The government controlling our freedom of speech,the public and our communication is a way for them to make sure we aren’t the ones being a threat to them.


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