Cebolenkosi effect to humans as it is

Cebolenkosi Mfundo Khumalo218008500Meat research- journal entryTopic: MAD COW DISEASEMad cow diseaseBovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)Mad cow disease which is the BSE has an effect to humans as it is a zoonotic disease and can cause fatality in humans when eating infected beef. The reason for choosing this article is that the article raises awareness to people about the beef that they buy and eat every day. This disease is related to other diseases like scrapie by prion, an unconventional proteinaceous infective agent. BSE can still exist even after boiling the meat for 30 minutes, rapid freezing and thawing and even when exposed o chemicals. The disease can also be transmitted to sheep and goats by eating brain and neural tissue of cattle which may also contain prions. The symptoms for BSE are loss of weight, reduced milk yields, blindness, head pressing and rubbing teeth grinding etc.

, and it is difficult to diagnose as it is confused with other diseases like encephalic listeriosis. References:Chachra. A, Narang. D, Narang. R, (April 1999), MAD COW DISEASE-Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, Resonance.(Google scholar)

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