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Before Islam in Arabia, women were seen as property themselves to their man (father or husband). If a man divorced a women he could keep the dowry and the property she has brought to the marriage. Since women had a low status in society baby girls were seen a less valuable than baby boys, this commonly lead to female infanticide. When the Qu’ran was established between 651 and 652 women started to be treated with more dignity and had some legal rights. For example Mohamad’s first wife, Khadija was a successful business women.

In the event of a divorce, woman now leave with the dowry and infanticide cease to exist in Arabia because the Quran strictly forbidden it. Through trade Islam spread to Sub-Saharan Africa in the eighth century and to Malaysia and Indonesia in the 14th century and thus conditions for women there have improved. The reasons why the Qu’ran may have forbidden infanticide is because it’s murder and the common killing of females can stunt the growth or kill the population of Muslims.

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In China there is a problem with female infanticide because of the one-child-policy, since en can produce more work in farms women are less valuable to farming families. A major change as of a result from expanding trade networks from 500-1500 is the further diffusion of technological developments further from their nodal points. When merchants traveled along trade networks such as the Silk Road, they brought technologies from their homeland. The Chinese has spread the concept of paper money, porcelain, and cotton sails all across Eurasia.

The Muslim have also done the same in where their ideas such as istilled alcohol and modern soap have been spread throughout Eurasia. The reason why these concepts spread is because of increased interaction. Personal interaction is typical in trading and it is through this interaction is where ideas and technologies are transferred within two people. When a merchant transferred an idea to an indigenous person that person spreads that idea to another indigenous person and he does the same; then eventually a merchant in the area gets the idea and the process begins again. This diffusion is a sort Of contagious diffusion.

The SUCceSS Of this diffusion has much to do with the acceptance of these technologies because they better peoples’ lives. If the technologies were useless and nobody accepted it, its diffusion would have halt to an end really quickly. This diffusion of ideas through interaction is also seen in Japan after WWII when the American military occupied the land. American military men in Japan popularized products like jeans and Coca-Cola through personal interactions with the indigenous people. A continuity that holds true today is that China has lways remained the main producer of silk from 500-1500.

The Silk Road has been standing from the Han Dynasty to the 1450s and the major item of trade was silk from China. Although some other regions like Ancient Rome and the India have discovered how to manufacture silk, China still has remained the main place to get silk. The reason why this is so is because the infrastructure of silk manufacturing in China has been developed for a long time that its complex technological silk making structures were no match to the newly founded silk industries of other countries like Ancient Rome and

India; similar to how Shihuangdi was able to unify China much easily and faster than Augustus when he attempted to reunify Rome. It was because China already had a system in which they can easily build an empire on top Of. China has discovered silk in 4900 BC whereas silk was discovered in India between 2450 and 2000 BC and Rome in 550 CE. The reason why China had such a great advantage in the silk industry is because the government there has produced laws protecting “the secret of silk making” in where guards on border checkpoints would thoroughly search people leaving China or silk worm eggs.

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