CAUSES or 22.8% of the Malaysia population

CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF SMOKING”Smoking” is a word that we always hear.

What exactly is smoking? Smoking is the act of inhaling smoke through the mouth usually cigarette and cigar. Do you know on 2015 there are about five million or 22.8% of the Malaysia population aged 15 and above were smokers. Nowadays smoking issue keep rising among teenagers, both boys and girls.

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This will be a big problem for our country, peoples don’t care about their own health. So what are their reason for smoking? What is the cause? Do they know the risk or effect of the smoking?. Today, we will discuss about causes and effect of smoking.Firstly we will talk about the causes of smoking. The main reason why people smoke is for stress relief. We always hear this answer when we ask a smoker, what is theirs reason to smoking. For people who stress, they need something to relief their stress, and they will choose the most common or easy way, smoking.

For them, smoking is a form of self-medication. Did smoking really stress relief? The smokers say yes it is! Unfortunately, the smokers may find that they can’t easily give up tobacco once the stress passes. The other reason or cause why people smoke is parental influence.

Children of active smokers are more likely to start smoking than children of nonsmokers. Even nonsmoker parents have their children who smoking. There are parents who react to smoking as a socially acceptable behavior, they think smoking is a normal thing. Simply not smoking is not enough, they need to communicate with their children that smoking is dangerous, unhealthy and unacceptable.Social rewards is also the reason why peoples smoking.

What is social reward? It means the “gift” people feel they receive when they participating in a group of smokers. For the example like, smokers at an office building who takes cigarette breaks at similar times may bond while they smoke, the same with the smoker asks another, “Got a light?” This give the participate a feel of acceptance. For nonsmokers who lack that social bond in their lives, that connection can be enough to drive them through the beginning phases of a tobacco addiction,


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