Case Xolo Snapdeal Marketer of the Year essay

According to reports, Smartened sales are expected to shoot up at a CARR of about 40% over the next five years. In the Asia Pacific region, India has clocked in the shiest growth rate of over 18% in Smartened sales in the last 1 year. While the industry is cluttered with a number of players, there are some that have left a mark in the Smartened landscape. With special emphasis on budget and mid-range devices, Indian handset players have captured significant market share.Indian brands market split The Challenge BERG is planning to launch a product (Named X) in the highly competitive RSI. 4000 to SHOO price range. Company is planning to go exclusively online with this model as several other products in this price range have tasted great success on online channels.

The product will have the best in class specifications at its price point. The RSI 4000-5000 Smartened Segment 4-K segment is nearly 20% of the total sales for E-Commerce players.Top 3 E-commerce pleasanter, Frond and Argon are selling nearly 5 lack to 10 lack phones a month and their total monthly mobile revenue is in the range of 500 to 600 scores. Out of this, 1 00 core comes from 4 to K segment.

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Segment has seen some exclusive luau inches in last couple of months – Macron Swan and Died GIG on Snaps, Huge 1 on Frond and Anna Tube on Argon. Swan sold around 2 lack units in 2 months, Died and Anna Tube also crossed 1 lack units. Flash Sale Some of the recent successes have followed the Flash Sale Model.In this model , a product is heavily promoted for 10-12 days(mostly using digital media). People are asked to register for a sale, which is held on pre-decided date and time.. It gives big numbers in short duration by creating excitement and a feeling of scarcity, triggering impulsive buying behavior. E-Commerce partners also provide maximum visibility to exclusive flash sale models.

Home Page banners for a week, category page banners for a month and promotions on social media platforms are done to create the buzz.

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