Case Study: Proposal for Online Business Expansion essay

The clothing sold by the company is designed and manufactured by the nanny’s owner and creative director. Items are cut and sewn in house, and materials are procured from various local and international suppliers.

Currently, the company’s only online presence is a single web-page with an email address, a link to the company’s Mainstream page, which it uses to promote its products to the online community, and a phone number to contact the owner and creative director.The majority of sales are local, but occasionally the owner will take international orders via email and a third- party money transfer service, such as Papal or Western Union. The last section of this report (Tasks) suggested the company to develop an online business expansion strategy with a comprehensive analysis and discuss the component of the strategy. These current section is to create a estimate for the proposed online expansion, design mock-up, discuss a scope for the projected website and analyze development and maintenance cost.Proposal For Online Expansion Clothing Site Map of New Website E-Business (SORT) Task 3 (Accreditation Audit) http://www. Scribed. Corn/doc/21 9288214/WIGGLE-Accreditation -Audit-T ask-I http://www.

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Scribed. Com/doc/219288384/WAG U-Accreditation -Audit-T ask-2 E-Business (SORT) TASKS Part C: Online Business Expansion Project Scope and Estimated Costs. Based on the previous discussion in Task 2 of this report, the new website for Field Clothing will be created using Shoplift as its e-commerce platform.

Shoplift offers businesses like Field Clothing a variety of different packages to choose from based on their needs. The company has been in business since 2006, has 489 employees, total funding of $122 million, and more than one- hundred thousand active stores used by customers around the world (Shoplift, AAA). It will allow Field Clothing Company to set up an online store, hopping cart, customize the company’s storefront, create payment option, track orders and respond to them. Shoplift provides its customers with a different professional plans and packages for its e-commerce platforms.Field Clothing will retain a certified and professional partner to design its website according to the specified orders listed above, and to monitor and make ongoing maintenance to the site once it is built. On Field Clothing website, it will be providing graphics like company logo, photos and all the rest.

We recommend the company to purchase a software tool that will create his graphics like Adobe creative Cloud that offers a monthly subscription for a Photos, Dreamier, Illustrator, etc. Subscribing to this software will help the company avoid obtaining software upgrade, which will minimize expenses.As discussed in part 2, utilizing a third party e-commerce system allows the company to reduce the need to manage both the website as well as the separate e-commerce solution, potentially saving time and money. E- Business (SORT) TASK 3 Shoplift offers customers a variety of plans and packages for its e-commerce platforms.

It is advised that Held Clothing select the company’s “Professional” Lana, which costs 579 a month and provides a number of features likely to benefit Field Clothing as it expands into the online realm and builds a comprehensive web presence and e-commerce platform(See discussion in Tasks).Being a monthly plan payment, at the end of every month the commerce website is billed and the credit card electronically charged and notified through an email that has a link to an invoice. Field clothing account system will be integrated with shoplift because the integration allows a thorough syncing of information between the company’s system and the arouses management system so that the company can have full information on all inventory and orders. In addition to achieve this functionality, sec Desktop application is required to automatically update products, inventory and records sales into Cookbooks.As part of online business expansion, to provide customer support and manage relationships with customers, just as discussed and recommended in Task 2, Field Clothing utilizes Coho CRM as the customer relationship management software for its website. Coho CRM offers much of the same functionality as the popular CRM footwear Salesrooms, in a more lightweight and versatile package (Deny 2011). Coho CRM allows businesses to manage customer support, product inventory, potential leads, email marketing campaigns, E-Business (SORT) TASK 3 and other key processes related to the management of customer relationships (Eden, 201 1).

One of the most important ways Field Clothing can leverage the use of Coho CRM is by maintaining a comprehensive email mailing list and this is monthly-billed subscription. The company’s target market is primarily young men between the ages of 25 and 34 with high levels of disposable income. It is necessary for Field Clothing to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for ensuring their website is optimized for search engines.

As recommended in Task 2. Potential Customers of Field Clothing are more likely to use the internet search engines to look up for the clothing they desire.For This, Field clothing will maintain search engine optimization services as well as their consultant for future online ad campaigns and search ad. Field clothing will also establish twitter and backbone as one of the major component of its online business expansion Strategy, which is free to establish.

In conclusion, every online business entail that a company domain name such as bloodthirstiness. Bal should be registered and retain. Field clothing already registered a domain name with 1&1 internet domain with an annual basis payment.

The constructed table below explains the estimated cost of maintenance associated with the website and cost estimate for the development and design. E-Business (SORT) TASK 3 Estimated Cost: Project Implementation Component Vendor Cost Explanatory Notes Domain registration, lyre 1&1 Internet Domains $19. 99 Domain registration for the company website and email service (1 &1 Domains, 2014). Shoplift comprehensive e-commerce and website hosting package, “Professional Shoplift $79.

00 E-commerce and website platform Has no setup charge.Billed monthly that includes shopping cart, online store, website hosting and checkout functionality. Complete service support. The “professional” plan has a lower credit card rate.

(Shoplift, 2014). Stripe payment gateway $99. 99 Stripe payment gateway integrates with shoplift checkout and online payment transaction. Set up fee of $149.

99. Charges $0. 15 of each transaction (Stripe, 2014). Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe $49.

99 Cloud-based business-class to Adobe creative suite application such as Dreamier, Photos and illustrator used by Field clothing for creativity -Billed monthly. Price given for two years $69. 9 (Adobe, 2014) Web site design (Consultant) Shoplift $4,500. 00 Website designer in partnership with and recommended by Shoplift for branding and web design services, also into branding package that includes logo, secondary logo, print, colors, font recommendations. Prices start from $4,500. 00 depending on the contents of the web design. Sec Website $49.

00 This App simplifies Field clothing accounting process down to a few clicks. By integrating Field Clothing online store with Cookbooks, sec Desktop automatically records Field Clothing sales into Cookbooks and updates the products inventory.Purchased through Shoplift App store and billed monthly (Shoplift, 2014) Constant Contact email Constant Contact $15. 00 Cloud-predicated comprehensive email marketing system used to engender captivating HTML emails, embed gregarious media features, track percentage of messages opened, manage multiple lists, sanction inscribed and campaigns. Billed monthly and no set up fees. SEE Consultant Freelance-via recommendation $2,500.

00 This consultant will be retained for an on going maintenance to make hangers where compulsory, predicated on the search environment and result of web analytics.

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