Case Study for Enron essay

Since the case did not make it o trial and these elements were not meant then a conviction cannot occur. Based on information given, there was intent or knowledge Of wrongdoing which constitutes part of a crime, as opposed to the action or conduct of the accused. It is very difficult to argue ‘no knowledge’ off 1. 2 billion dollar write down. In a public company, it is the Coo’s responsibility to report any and all information that details the health of the company, immediately.Any sign of trouble needs to be reported to the SEC and shareholders as soon as it is found.

An organizational restructuring around the same time of several endured million dollars being reported at a loss sounds too convenient to claim ignorance. As we are aware, based on information researched outside of the case study, On October 1 7, 2006, since Lay died prior to exhausting his appeals, his conviction was vacated. The federal appellate court governing the district where Lay was indicted, indicates that vacation of the conviction had to be automatically granted.When vacation occurs, the law views it as though he had never been indicted, tried and convicted. 2. Do you think being socially responsible should weigh as a factor in a juror’s legal determination of guilt or innocence? Why or why not? Ken Lay may have been a donor to Houston branch of the NAACP and extended his generosity to almost every segment of the Houston community however in determining someone’s guilt or innocence in a case, social responsibility is not a factor.Social responsibility is a value, related to but distinct from law.

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Jurors determination of guilt or innocence should be unbiased and directly related to the evidence presented in the case, the arguments of counsel, and the final instruction as to the law from the Court. According to theory of corporate social responsibility, next to ensuring that com pans is profitable,

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