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The Coconut Plantation Resort was located on the island of Kuaka on the islands of Hawaii. The Blackmailed Hawaii Corporation, a land development company specializing in developing commercial and residential properties, decided to build a restaurant in the Coconut Plantation Resort. The management, however, was faced with determining what the most appropriate type of restaurant they should develop for the resort should be. The case study gives some information about what already existed on the island before hand, including markets, other restaurants, hotels, condominiums, etc. Long with what they all have to offer. Of all the information given, details about the current restaurants play a huge role in determining a type of restaurant to develop along with the service it shall have. It should be noted that this new restaurant should not replicate any other restaurant in the immediate resort area. But before a type Of restaurant is selected this paper will investigate whether any additional information is needed before the selection has begun.

It will also determine probable targets for the restaurant based on any new information along with what the case study has given us.Lastly, it will determine certain marketing strategies hat should be employed after the selection and development process, before opening the restaurant. In order to determine the type of restaurant the Blackmailed Hawaii Corporation should develop in the resort, they must first research geographic, demographic, cryptographic, and behavioral segmentations on the island.

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By researching geographic segmentation, the company may figure out their market reach and understand difference of the region. By using geographic segmentation, you can also see what foods are more attainable than others.What fish are popular around the area? What is considered a delicacy on the islands? Where are the nearest crops and livestock? Are they local? Detail into demographic segmentation can help determine a target customer group.

By using demographic segmentation you review age, life cycle, gender, income, occupation, nationality, religion, etc. Figuring out a target audience based on the demographic of locals and tourists on the island can help greatly in determining the type of food and pricing restaurant to build.Cryptographic segmentation is separating demographics even more using social class, lifestyle, and personality.

Figuring out the way customer groups live can help determine pricing even further, ND help figure out the theme or atmosphere you want the restaurant to have. Basically, it can help you figure out the overall experience your customers will have. Eating habits of condominium and hotel occupants was restricted primarily to the main meal of the day or to the selected food for the meal.

Knowing that, you know occupants lack any variety of food in the resort.These segmentations can help figure out what drives locals to the island. And it will give us some insight into what categories that might appeal to restaurant consumers such as relative food quality, menu variety, prices, atmosphere, and convenience. When the research is done appropriately and you have plenty of addition information, selecting the type f restaurant for the resort may become easier.

After you have researched information on the island and in the resort, it is important to choose probable targets for the restaurant.For this restaurant, a likely target is going to be visitor of the island. According to the case study, the majority of visitors to Kuaka ‘inure represented by independent travelers (ITS)” who did not travel in large groups. These “(ITS)” could further specify a target for the restaurant Meaning the restaurant will attract people in smaller groups, making the restaurant more intimate, not too loud and completely open. Traveling to Hawaii is not a cheap ticket, meaning whoever is making their way to Hawaii has some money to spend.By just adding that information, you may want to target people willing to spend a little more on a meal then your competitors.

How do you ask customers to pay more for a meal with so many other restaurants around? You offer something that no other restaurant around can offer. By doing do you your restaurant becomes a hot commodity and people are wiling to spend the extra buck to dine their. Whether you offer a better quality of food, exception service, ambiance, uniqueness, etc. You want to create an experience different from your competitors to ensure the money your customers are paying is worth it.It’s important when choosing probable audiences, to study as much information as you can, like the information listed in the previous text. By doing so your restaurant will prove to be more successful.

Once the selection and development process for the restaurant is done, marketing strategies must be planned and employed prior to opening the restaurant. This is, of course, so you aren’t opening the doors, he day of your grand opening, to an empty parking lot. Once the name and concept of the restaurant have been designed and finalized, developing a website is the next step.A website is the perfect way to keep future customers up to date with the grand opening date, events, etc. Through emails or direct mail. Social media is another big way to advertise, as it is extremely popular and 100% free.

But in order to get people to your website, since the restaurant is new and not recognized by tourists and to many locals, advertising in other businesses many do the trick. Leaving memos, menus, equines cards, etc. Containing information about the new restaurant in places around the island can help get the restaurant’s name out there.It may also be of interest to offer some sort of discount or promotion as an incentive for their service in your new restaurant.

But it is important to remember not to get carried away with discounted prices and promotions right away. Yes, you want people to eat at your restaurant, but you also want them to spend money at your restaurant. Another way to promote the restaurant is by offering hotel end condominium employees at the resort discounted prices or rope Off samples Of off to them.By doing this, you are marketing the restaurant to people who will market It to guests at their hotel. Whenever someone is new to an area, whom do they ask for recommendations from? Hotel front desk staff and concierge; It’s small creative ideas that can separate you from could be competitors around you.

It is important to promote the restaurant extremely well, to ensure the restaurant is successful. It is important when opening a new business, especially in a culturally, different environment that you do plenty of research.

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