Case Study: Best Buy essay

When I look at all the imputation like Walter and Cons, I see Best Buy on top. I have read information on Cons and it was bad but I decided to try to get something from there. I will never go back to Cons ever again. Now with Walter don’t like how their staff is not very friendly most of the time. I go there for groceries and other stuff but electronics are not one of them. Walter doesn’t have a big variety and each Walter doesn’t carry the same things. I also don’t like that they keep moving stuff around the store.

I pep getting lost and some of the employees don’t even know where stuff is. I do agree with the strategy Best Buy has adopted to respond to its competition because they allow the customer to price match and they have amazing customer service. When I think Of buying any kind Of electronic I want to go to Best Buy. First shop around to see what the lowest price is on what I’m looking for then I go to Best Buy. There are six components of best buy. Component one is they have an assortment of merchandise at reasonable prices.

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They also have the option of getting some of the products you buy installed, technical support, cell phones, internet services and maintenance service. Now the second component is the right location. Best Buy usually picks a location in an outdoor shopping center. The third component is promotion strategy. “Best Buys television commercials use the slogan, ‘Thousands of Possibilities. Get Yours. ” They send out flyers, and email customers who gave their emails to Best Buy, and weekly ads. ” i The fourth component is pricing.

Best Buy offers low prices but if you do find a price that is cheaper they have a price match guarantee. It states that they will price match prior to your purchase or if your exchanging or returning. The fifth component is atmosphere. Everyone likes to be in a positive environment especially when they are shopping. “Best Buys stores aisle are brightly light, wide and easy to move around. You can even try some of the products before you buy. “ii They even make it so that the staff is easily identifiable. They wear blue shirts and khaki pants.

They are also very kind and Very knowledgeable. They actually know the products while at most places they don’t even know the difference between a product but different producers. Last but not least we have the sixth component which is online shopping. Online shopping is for the customers that like to shop from home or work without having to be there in person. Wouldn’t change anything they are doing because they are one of the world’s largest electronic companies. They seem to be working for Best Buy since they reach a lot of customers.

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