Case Ryzzil essay

Sylvia problem is that she doesn’t like her workmates, her working area and she’s having a job which she doesn’t like and enjoyed to do. It can be resolved by assigning Sylvia to a section where she can get along well and she can relate herself with. Like for an instance, she’s working in a man’s world where he works with male employees that makes her hard to deal and relate herself to them. 3. What is the problem of the organization? How could it be resolved? The problem of the organization is that they forgot to see if their employees are comfortable with their jobs.

There is no appropriateness in assigning their employees. Like people who do office works should work also with people who do office works and people assigned in field works should also work with a person who does field works. Another is that their office is crowded for the number of their employees which employees find it hard to move during busy days. The company should take these things into consideration to help their employees improve their performance and do that their employees will not get bored. Case: Garage’s Performance Appraisal 1.What could be Garage’s problem? Garage’s problem is that his productivity down to unsatisfied, he is rarely absent, sometimes leaves early because of he Seems to get colds a lot and most is he tends to forget too many things that fail him to accomplish the tasks in its required time and it affects on his performance. 2.

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What showed Oscar Miranda do? Mr.. Oscar Miranda will take to evaluate the performance of Gerald Marina. Since he was the manager, he probably takes the risk to approach Gerald.Why Gerald is always absent, why he leaves early and why his productivity has fallen Off a bit.

3. Based on Garage’s recent behavior, what performance appraisal does he deserve? The kind of performance appraisal that Gerald deserves is that he must always pay attention to discussion and he must also take better notes so that he will never forget the things he needs to accomplish. And he really does need to develop a system for keeping track of important information.

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