The company thinks that a promotion of Ewing a production manager should have the skills and knowledge about the modern technology. II. Problems a. One of the executive of the company thinks that the job should be given to the one who is educated. Company could take any professional applicants with excellent qualifications of being a production manager.

Ill. Questions 1 . How valuable is the tradition of promotion from within and how disruptive will it to be deviate from the tradition?What are the advantages and risk of promoting from within to this tradition? Xavier Enterprises is a family tradition. Business industry needs improvements or how we improved our business arrests. It can really affect the whole business by changing or giving promotion or even in recruiting new employees in a family business. Promoting a people is very risky task; we do not know what will happen in the future. There are advantages by promoting people with a knowledge and empathy about business.

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This people may help you to grow and continue to expand your business. In business industry, managers should take a risk to comply what your company can do or compete with other bigger companies. 2.

As the head of HRS, how are you going to handle the problem of the incumbent production manager. Analysis Raffle considering she rose from the ranks because of its exceptional records. As a head of HRS, I could say that a manager should have the technical aspects and knowledge about business.Adopting your knowledge in a long period of time and an experience can attach you in a high rank. You can’t promote a people who does not have any knowledge and empathy about business because business requires as to be in our clients shoes.

A manager is a big responsibility because you manage how to run a business. 3. If the company decides to recruit from outside. What are the best external recruiting sources for finding a new production anger? A company should take care of picking or recruiting new applicants outside.

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