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Carretta claims that Equiano introduces his narrative by giving and account of the struggle that he experienced in his writing carrier and also background. “1 am very passionate about the hardships that memoir writers go through”. According to the author, the significance of this quote elaborates how Equiano had to defend himself from those who were critical about the essence of their work. In addition, Carretta suggested that Equiano’s ultimate birth in Carolina as compared to Africa did not in any way diminish his testimonial powers. Also, Carretta continues to emphasize that Equiano took it upon himself to comprehensively write the first slavery substantial account from a typical African viewpoint. However, he wrote it with heartbeat and pulse, giving a critical passion to the subject in order to arouse support and sympathy for the abolition’s cause . Secondly the author claims that, Equiano’s autobiography is a text monumental of the 18th-century. He continues to emphasize that it is a unique mixture of sea lore, travel, writing, fiction, sermon, and economic track. This is significant because it tries to invent a life in Africa for the purpose of adding the appreciation of Equiano’s literary talent and imaginative depth. He has also done a great service especially in studying the African diaspora where he has revealed more documentation about Equiano as compared to any other previous scholar.
Equiano makes critical references regarding the similarity between his people and the Jews. “Like the Jews, not only did my people practice circumcision, but they also practice sacrificing, burnt offerings, and purification” . In this regard, the Carretta tries to expound on how Equiano asserted that his people were not inferior at all but only needed a chance to show the world their abilities despite having different backgrounds, and religious beliefs from the whites. Carretta outlines that Equiano’s autobiography is partly fictional since the narrator is excited by storytelling, plotting, by shaping the tale and also by dressing up all the dull facts. This is significant because it detracts Equiano’s greatness and calls for a great attention. Besides the doubt regarding the birth of Equiano, Carretta managed to track down all the necessary records that prove that everything Equiano talked regarding his life was factually correct. Moreover, Carretta reveals a typical man who is highly unique in his experience with different landscapes and cultures.
Lovejoy claims that the second chapter of the book forms the foundation of Equiano’s sufferings. According to the author, the chapter reveals how Equiano was forced onto a slavery where spends several weeks and subjected to terrible conditions. At this juncture, Lovejoy gives a deeper account that helps to determine the Equiano’s individuality. He gave a critical compassion between the life of Equiano and that of Byrd. According to this author, Byrd was born and raised in a wealthy background and everything was easy for him. He continues to state that he inherited an estate, which was established by his father. On the other hand, Equiano, together with his sister was kidnapped and enslaved at their tender age. This is important since it elaborates why Equiano deserves a great applause for his huge resentments.
In my opinion, Equiano was a significant abolitionist, who worked ceaselessly with the aim of exposing the nature of slavery, which was a shameful trade “1 apologize to my readers in advance for not having the most exciting story, but hopes that it serves to be helpful to other slaves in my position” . Unfortunately, most colonists in the South didn’t possess any moral


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