CAREER located 10 Minutes’ drive from Muscat

CAREER EPISODE NO.1 OF 3OMAN CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION CENTER PACKAGE-3, MUSCAT, SULTANATE OF OMANINTRODUCTIONThis career episode is about work as Project engineer (Civil) in Oman convention and exhibition center.. This project is part of cluster of projects envisioned by country’s premier to put Oman on global tourism map.

The project site is located 10 Minutes’ drive from Muscat International airport connected almost directly with Flyover from Airport to Convention Center. This project features tiered Auditorium seating for 3200 people in a giant 22000 square meter of circular column free exhibition space.Chronology: April 2015 to December 2017Location : Muscat, Sultanate of OmanOrganizaton : Oman Shapoorji Company LLCConsultant: M/s SSH International Client : OMRANPosition: Project Engineer Cost Estmate: USD 212BACKGROUNDCE 1.1 Project Client named was OMRAN the engineering and development arm of Ministry of tourism they are behind some of the finest tourism projects in Oman like Alila Jabel Akhdar, Oman Convention Center Package-2, Royal Opera House Muscat etc. Omran was established by premier Royal decree in 2005.CE 1.

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2 The proposed Oman Convention and Exhibition center site consist of different 5 different packages due to its large size and value Package 1 was for enabling works like earthworks, connection roads and surface leveling, Package-2 consist of parking lot with Convention center awarded to Carillion Alawi LLC, Package-3 consist of Ballrooms, Substations and an Exhibition center for 3200 people constructed by my Company Oman Shapoorji Company other packages were Marriott and Crown Plaza Hotel.CE 1.3 The main reason of construction for this project is to put Oman on global business tourism map, Oman is relatively peaceful country as compare to other neighboring states which makes it suitable for organizing different world class exhibitions and conventions. The other ancillaries are to provide jobs for rising local population train them to witness Oman’s growth as regional and global tourism hub.I joined this project as Project Engineer from very start just after award of Package-3 and immediately engrossed myself to study this Architectural marvel. I started with contract documents, Post tender clarifications, project specifications, B of Q and finally ended up putting my head in Issued for Construction drawings.

As a Project Engineer my role is to get project construction activities rolling without any interruptions, I was responsible to coalesce with Consultant/Client and solve any ambiguities in construction drawings, Specification and B of Q and after reaching a conclusion passing over this information to Site Engineers, Foreman and construction workers.CE 1.4 Find below my position at site hierarchy. CE 1.5 During my tenure on the project my roles and responsibility are as follows but not limited to :• I was to study and analyze building design• Submitting and obtaining materials approvals from Client/Consultant as per specification requirement.• Preparation of day to day construction plan and its endorsement from Construction Manager.

• Provide technical input and labour projections for production efforts and material cost input.• Day to day construction works quantities like Cement, Steel rebar’s, Sand, Ready mix concrete etc.• Coordination with subcons. For their execution plan, material submittals, method statement, shop drawings.

• Due diligence on potential subcontractors.• Primary contact for all technical and execution problems.• Coordination and finalization of design requirements of Geotechnical investigations.

• Preparation of subcontractor packages which includes contract documents, B of Q and specification.• Keep records for all site works, manpower productivity, hiring equipment’s and heavy machines.PERSONAL ENGINEERING ACTIVITIESCE 1.6 My core responsibility was engineering, project monitoring and construction of main Rotunda building which includes work ranges from geotechnical investigation to finishes work.

This I achieved by day to day site monitoring and to identify in advance all the technical queries supposed to arise at site.CE 1.7 To start the project I thoroughly read the project specification, Drawing and conditions of contract. I carry out Geotechnical investigation before starting excavation as it will give me an idea what type and capacity of Excavators I will require for excavation activity. With the help of surveyor I marked building boundaries and arrange trial pits for investigation. After completion I found out that except 600MM of top surface whole strata is consist of sedimentary limestone rock.

After geotechnical investigation I made a report and recommended to use high capacity hydraulic breakers for excavations and forward it Client/Consultant for their approval. I was fully involved in discussions with troika of Project Director, Project Manager and Construction Manager before submitting a proposal of high capacity hydraulic breaker.CE 1.8 After finishing geotechnical investigation and submission of initial report, I analyzed bill of quantities and found out that Client has not provided any item for Hard Rock excavation and an EI is required to start excavation with new agreed prices, I raised RFI and asked Client to give a go ahead call to start excavation to avoid any delay. Which Client confirmed with extra money and in the form of approval of my geotechnical reportCE 1.

9 As I investigated further I found out all outer walls of main buildings are insulated with expanded polystyrene insulations which are low in density and thermal resistance and are susceptible to fracture even in small loadings, so I investigated different codes and Oman general building specifications which clearly mentioned Extruded rather Expanded Polystyrene Insulation of 32 Kg/M3 density with higher thermal resistance, so I promptly raised an RFI to Consultant and Client directing their attentions to this very important conflict which they agreed and issued EI with revised drawings.CE 1.10 I investigated and analyzed that 2MM Aluminium sheet panels has been fixed with Galvanized Steel Structure and bolted at various locations without any provision to avoid bi-metallic corrosion.

I raised this issue to Client and they asked for a proposal to avoid bi-metallic corrosion. After going through different books and codes I designed and recommended two options to avoid bi-metallic corrosion, to use 4MM Neoprene pads between Aluminium Sheet panels and its connection or to provide preformed dielectric separators. Client has accepted my option to provide Neoprene pads to avoid bimetallic corrosion as this option was most cost and time effective. Further I proposed material parameters for Neoprene pad (Enclosed) which were approved by Client.CE 1.11 One of the key challenges I faced during execution was design and erection work of L1 and L2 lift shafts structural steel with glazing as these shafts have been added post tender and no provision was provided for anchoring structural steel with cast in place concrete slab.

Further I proposed the design parameters required for the preliminary design of steel structure and presented in to Client for approval. I have reviewed the load calculation with shaft intermediate beams spanning at 2313MM apart with a UB section of 203X103X23 and a UC section of 203X203X60. After preliminary design and its approval from Client I quantified steel members along with its connection and anchors. CE 1.12 Health and safety are of paramount importance to me and I made sure all laborers, Foremen and Supervisor’s follow project HSE regulations.

This I achieve by continuously follow up with HSE department to hold regular tool box talks and to imposed fine on violators.CE 1.13 As the site was on mountainous terrain and proximity to site is quite difficult from existing main road so I designed a tertiary route to site with primary road to solve all logistics issues. I get this plan approved by Client and Consultant.CE 1.14 As a project engineer liaison with various departments and construction managers was of utmost importance to project below system has been adopted to make sure all department will work in tendon.

• Daily reports including tracking of material consumption, labour output, HSE details, machinery requirement and equipment output at site.• Weekly and monthly reports with progress reports, minutes of meeting with client and consultant, major work done at site, meticulous monitoring of critical path activities. Progress was assessed by comparing each planned activities with it completion date and achieved date.

• I hold regular weekly meetings with subcontractor’s and rectify their problems and make sure they submit their Material submittals and drawings as per approved MAS and drawings schedule provided by them.SUMMARYAs Project Engineer (Project Control), I was able to understand the importance of structural design, work and time management, project planning and importance of non-stop work. This project helped me to withstand the pressure to complete job on time and to fulfill my responsibilities as Engineer. I encountered various problems during the construction activity and was able to solve it with my knowledge both theoretical and practical. This project gives to ammunition to gain working knowledge of subjects such as Design Engineering, Material Engineering, Project management and Civil engineering etc.

which I had learnt during my years at University.


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