Career Interests Why are they important to you?

Career DiscoveryAssignment 1: My Career ProfileNAME-KARANBIR SINGHSTUDENT ID- 8343550CO- ORDINATOR- LAURA My Career ProfileDesires and Interests Why are they important to you? I want to be a commercial pilot. Because it is my desire since from my childhood and I want to fulfill my dream of exploring the world.To improve the political system of my nation.

Improvement in the political System of my nation is very important for me because it would help to contribute in faster growth of my nation and will also create more opportunities for youth of my nation. To create new innovative ideas and inventions to improve life style and also economic growth of my nation. It is my dream to create a innovative idea or new technology which would further help to improve life style or living standard of masses in my nation and also contribute to economic growth of my country.

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For example- creating a green energy which would help to reduce the pollution and decrease the huge economic burden of fossil fuels on government and also reduce the pollution. To explore the world culture. I want to explore the world culture by visiting different nations of the world and by exploring their heritage sites of that nation.To elevate poverty from my nation and to save nature.

It is one my most important desire to elevate poverty from my nation to save mother nature because these two factors would help create a better world to live.My Strengths, Assets,& Personal Qualities Strengths, Assets, and Personal Qualities Example/Evidence Creativity My creativity is one of my biggest strength as I can create something new from an old one from my thinking skills .For example- my artistic skills such as fine arts skills.Patience The foremost example of my patience is that I came thousands of kilometers away from my nation and my family to peruse education and better life. Family support Support of my family is the biggest asset for me as they support me on each and every single step.

Honest Being honest is also my personal quality as I never lied to my parents at any step of my life till now.Unselfish I had never been a selfish person because I never liked to hurt someone even though it is not good for me.Imaginative I had always been an imaginative person as I like to think about my future aims and goals and how I can create a better environment to live for every one. Open minded I had always been an open minded person as I have a mind receptive to new ideas.

Balanced I had always maintained a balance between each and every works of mine. For example- I used to create a balance between my family and friends.Friendly Being friendly is one of my biggest strength as I used to make friends very easily. For example-I am able to make many friends from the time I had arrived in Canada.Hard worker I am a very hard worker as I did a lot of struggle to peruse my higher education in Canada and till now I am doing a lot of hard work to achieve my goals. Eager to help I had always been very eager to help everyone in this regard only I want to create a trust for help of poor children and people in my country for their education and better living standards.Faithful I am a kind of person who can be easily trusted I never brake faith of any one.

Responsible I had always been very responsible towards my responsibilities. For example- responsibilities of mine towards my family, parents and education. Punctual My punctuality is one of my qualities as I had never been late for any of my important work.Active Being active is also one of my qualities as I used to observe and grasp everything very quickly and actively.Accomplishment StatementsStatement 1 I am successfully being able to set a trust for the education of poor children and also for their food and health in my hometown.

Statement 2 I am able to create an idea and model for green energy for transportation and domestic use. Statement 3 Statement 4 Statement 5


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