Career development week reflectionThinking back about the experience is a vital component to learning and also an important key. A famous lesson from Confucius around 450 B.C. illuminate the importance of active engagement and real-time experiences in learning:”TELL ME, AND I WILL FORGET. SHOW ME, AND I MAY REMEMBER.

INVOLVE ME, AND I WILL UNDERSTAND.” These two quotes made me consider very importantly to take part in two events at my university programmes.At Career Development Week (CDW), a dedicated schedule of events and activities assigned to help you build new skills, take part in new subjects for your own improvement and gain accreditation – all being annexed to your CV, personal development and occupation perspectives after you graduate, I have chosen to participate in “Getting the Job of your dreams: CV and Interviews” conference event of this great programme. The second event I have been present were “Using Facebook as a Business”, which I considered that is really connected with the first one.The first event performed individuals to present themselves well and to point to the different skills developed during research degrees.

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The session focused on the identifying insights you gained and how to present these on your CV and during interviews. Doctoral College was the organizer of the event. The main subject of the session was more or less about research training, research skills development workshops, Supervisors development programs, research scheme, organizes research events and conferences, and all involving research students. Also, at this event, The Research Policy Unit develops, implements and monitors the University research strategy.

It is in charge of research ethics, inquire about administration, strategy, management and stating of research-related administration data, as well as development and spread of institutional research publications and different communications including the social network. “Getting the Job of your dreams: CV and Interviews” conference event made me understand the way of analyzing, creating, developing, researching, communicating, presenting works. The subjects of this event insight me many important skills used in jobs life, explore self, careers, and majors, advising, who am I? , what’s out there? Informational interviews, professionalism and business etiquette. Everything I listened to this event had a connection with social networking, using the internet, particularly Facebook. At the first event, as well, has been developed a speech about world-leading, specifically members of staff and the subject area calculated by The Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014) recognized as having world-leading elements. Some special fields of strength included the project by the renowned professor of Information Science Mike Thelwall and his team, whose research includes measuring the value of web pages.Obviously, on Facebook can be shown and taken by people everything about the world in every field.

Thru Facebook all people can communicate with work, researchers, change ideas, dreams, professional thoughts, business, projects, making images and advertisements, etc. At the Facebook event, it has been specified that Facebook social network attracted global business partners more than any of the other social networks in the world. Anyway, Facebook is one of the most useful networks of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram which helped and will help the world of business and communication.

From these two events I also understood the opportunities for communication with colleagues and friends, I had the possibility to speak and recommend the new about the events and ask many of them to attend. I also understood the significance of employability skills which I could confront in the future and how to be almost at a certain level. It was quite unique the experience attending these events that will enhance my employability skills, I had the pleasure to learn directly from professionals, and expand my network of contacts.

In these events, I understood that the skills session was designed to help me and others to discover the coming skills I and others already possess, together with developing these skills further to get ready for the future universe of work and career success. I had the occasion also to learn about the diversity of roles and opportunities offered, what are they looking for in their applicants same as the process of applications. The skills I have for future success will be changing fast in the future, considering the appearance of new technologies. Also, the way we work will be developed and transformed in the future, fact which will change the world of work, the ideas, the behavior, the ways of selection, challenges, strategies, and so on.In conclusion, I think that a certain citation will be well taken into consideration as a reflection of the insight I gained on these two events.”Nobody but you has to believe in your dreams to make them a reality.”? Germany Kent


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