Care Strategies for Individuals with Physiological Disorders essay

If completed thoroughly, the review is beneficial because it helps doctors give patients the est. care as well as helping maintain good health, which includes managing any side effects from treatment . Len the case of a poor review, the consequences could be the individual may experience difficulties after treatment. Regular checks should be a focus as this ensures the service user is centre of the provision. During the checks, the medication should be reviewed.

It is very important to have medication reviewed regularly as new/ alternative medication could be available at a later date. This ensures the patients is able to ask questions and suggestions. It is also more cost effective cause as well as helping patients to manage medications better. Good medicines management can help to reduce the likelihood of medication errors and hence patient harm. If checks are not carried out regularly this could result in patient harm. This would affect the patients’ health and safety.

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It would also affect the health system by Special clinics are an integrated part of the care strategy for… The positive outcome is the fact that… A possible negative could be… The repetition of x-rays and scans is very important as it ensures… The lack of regular x-rays and scans could lead to… The wrong dedication… The disorder not being monitored properly… The evolution/ remission of the disorder not being monitored… On the other hand, the regular repetition of x-rays and scans could lead to… Len terms of the cost, it could…

Another important element of the care strategy is therapy (occupational health). This should also be monitored through regular checks. It is very important because it allows the patient to receive the required care, such as… And it ensures that the therapy is not provided when no longer required. This process should also be monitored closely to prevent the patients from… ND also to prevent the health system from… In the case of a new therapy being required, the patient should be referred back to their GAP.

This is in order to… Going though the process of being referred to the GAP who will then refer the patient to the required specialist has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are… Possible disadvantages could be… Analyzing the care strategy in detail, it can be concluded that the main downfalls could be… The benefits of this care strategies are:… Overall, to ensure the success of the care strategy for (name of chosen physiological disorder), the following steps should be taken:..

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