Cancer or radiation, and some are forced to

Cancer has been a big issue for quite some time now.

Cancer is all over the world, and it begins when something makes a mutated cell in your body such as too much sun or being exposed to radon etc. People who are diagnosed with cancer are poked and prodded, undergoing surgery and treatment like chemo or radiation, and some are forced to acknowledge the fact that they are going to die soon. Most people who are diagnosed, fight with everything they have to beat cancer. However, scientists are trying to come up with a medicine that can help fight off cancerous tumors, so they won’t be fighting alone. Scientists from both CytImmune Sciences (College Park MD) and Octo-Plus (Leiden, the Netherlands) are collaborating to create a way to use colloid to administer an anti-cancer protein called tumor necrosis factor (TNF). Both science environments were exposed to the idea of using colloid gold.

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The CytImmune Sciences realized that they could use colloid gold to decrease toxic agents. This gave them the idea and background knowledge to experiment colloid gold with TNF. To create a medication for such a big issue takes a lot of time, preciseness and research. Beginning in December 2003 they would hopefully begin clinical trials. They began by highlighting the things they already knew about TNF. They knew that TNF had what it needed to kill cancer.

They knew that the amount of TNF that the body required in order to kill off the cancer cells, was never given without their being a negative side affect. They put their heads together and realized that sodium citrate and gold chloride makes a colloid gold in which can be used with TNF at decent amounts. Beginning their research they started testing it out on mice.

They decided to first use an injection but then came to terms that they could take in big amounts, but also saw that their was side affects and their livers and spleens were black. They then tried pairing colloid gold with other substances in which also failed. After failing they then tried putting pieces of polyethylene glycol (PEG) in the middle of TNF molecules. The PEG became thirsty for water whenever it was near blood which made water claim the particle and made the particle stealthy. They had found that once it was in water the immune system would not attack it, which made the particle travel to the spot of the tumor.

Though they have tested it multiple times on animals and did lots of research they still are unsure about the long term affects that this medicine could potentially have on a person, but progress is being done. This article affects me because I have dealt with many family member deaths due to cancer. Cancer that had no cure, cancer that had a cure but the cure didn’t last, and people that simply just let their bodies go without doing any treatment. To me, the whole world is affected by cancer in one way or another. Everyday something new is invented, a new piece of technology is brought to the market or some wondrous vitamin. However, people have absolutely no idea the affects that each item may be doing to their body.

People will not know the long term affects of cellphones, laptops, and TVs until later down the road. I think that this type of progress is extremely important simply because the world is always changing and people cannot be dying of something that is out of anyone’s control. In this day and age I think it’s important that something like this is brought to the market because it could make a world of a difference for people dealing with cancer, and family members that are worried about the person affected by cancer. The article is great at describing how the colloid gold works with the bodies cells and how scientists are taking the steps to diminish the amount of cancer that is happening in the world.

I think it’s important for people to know that scientist aren’t just sitting and doing nothing they are working very hard and long to find perfect drug to reduce tumors and kill cancer cells. It is absolutely crazy to me that it takes so long to find the perfect drug, especially with how long cancer has been around. It is surprising to me that someone hasn’t already came up with the perfect drug. However, any kind of progress is wonderful, but quicker would be better.


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