Canada today is a phenomenal reflection of

Canada today is a phenomenal reflection of its history. The nation of thirty-four million is admired for its remarkable economy, its high living standards, the freedoms and rights, and much more. Several moments in Canadian history have helped form the Canada we see today. Everything from fighting for women’s and LGBTQ rights to going on peace keeping missions around the globe are a reflection of Canadian values. Three of the most significant moments include the Persons Case of 1929 and the introduction of universal health care in 1947.

Lastly, the creation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982 was a landmark in Canadian history. The Persons Case was a gateway for freedoms and rights for Canadian women. In 1928, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that women do not qualify as “persons” in the matters of politics in accordance with the British North America Act of 1867. Consequently, women were ineligible to be appointed to senate. However, the Famous Five, a group of distinguished female activists, protested the court’s verdict.

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Members of the group included Judge Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, and Henrietta Muir Edwards—they collectively appealed to the Privy Council of England to revoke the Supreme Court’s decision, which they did. The brave action of these five women allow women in Canada the freedoms they enjoy today.As a consequence of the sacrifices of the famous five, women today have the freedom to express themselves in issues of politics. Women have the right to vote and the right to be elected in any level of government. Today, women occupy 76 of the 308 seats in the House of Commons;this number is growing largely at every election. “In total, women will sit in 25 percent of the 308 seats in the House of Commons.

” (CBC News Politics, 2011) These statistics are more than 50 percent higher than those in the 1940’s. Routing from this case, we can still see progress taking place in the matters of women’s rights today. The introduction of the universal health care system gave Canada a new status in the world. After the second World War, in 1947, the government of Saskatchewan introduced a universal hospital care plan across the province. The provinces of Alberta and British Columbia did the same, two years later. By 1984, the federal government had passed a universal medical care law, the Canada Health Act, which included free health care from both, hospitals and doctors. The initiation of this system benefited and still benefits the people of Canada and the nation itself.

The universal health care system of Canada is one that is renowned internationally. As we know medical care can be tremendously expensive. Basic medical services can cost anywhere from $200 to $5000. More complex tests or services can reach upto millions of dollars, which unfortunately most of the world’s population cannot afford.

“If a service is considered medically necessary, the full cost must be covered by the public health care insurance plan.” (Government of Canada, 2016) This system makes Canadians very fortunate to be able to receive top of the line health care and not having to be worried about financing. 


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