Canada who became a popular spot for immigrants

Canada has experienced multiple moments throughout history which inevitably define the country to what it is today. Events that have taken place that have are considered to be defining moments in Canadian history are the Effects of World War One on Canada, Medicare, and Peacekeeping. The effects of World War One was a period of time after the First World War was over where Canada went through many political, social, military and economic changes along with controversial events that made huge impacts on the newborn country. One unique characteristic of Canada is the fact that Canadians have free healthcare, this free healthcare began with the medicare system in 1961. This new system was also very attractive for immigrants who usually didn’t have an abundant amount of money to afford healthcare. The system granted Canadians access to free health care where the costs of the service would be paid by the government through the form of taxes. Canada developed itself to a very multicultural accepting country who became a popular spot for immigrants to move to and start a new life.

This lead to Canada becoming an international peacekeeper where Canada would try to create peace between conflicts and other overwhelming situations. The moments in Canadian history that most define Canada are; the effects on Canada after world war one where many controversial issues arose as Canada was new to being an independent country. Medicare after world war two which created an extremely helpful and attractive system that provides free health care that Canadian citizens to take advantage of to avoid the hefty costs of health. Lastly, the peacekeeping efforts in Canada has established an international peacekeeping role where Canada is known as an accepting, environment welcome to all.                                                                                                                 The end of World War One marked the start of a new era where Canada could  pave it’s own path. Throughout the course of the war, Canada spent a lot of money and experienced many struggles creating many positive and negative impacts that would rise as time went on.

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After the war, Canada became independent cutting ties with Great Britain. This was a very controversial moment because many problems arose that citizens believed could be avoided with the help of Great Britain. One of the biggest issues Canada had faced was the Stock Market crash. The stock market crash on October 29, 1929 was when the value of everything dropped to an all time low. Some causes of the depression were Canada’s heavy dependence on the US, too much credit buying, and too much buying of stocks.

The economy in Canada was closely linked to the US, so whenever the US economy suffered, so did Canada’s. With the introduction of credit cards, a ‘buy now, pay later’ mentality was made causing families to go hopelessly in debt. The stock market seemed like a good way to make money but on October 29, 1929, stocks dropped more than 50% (Causes of the Depression, ND). The action taken on the stock market issue was a process. King believed it was a temporary slump which lost him the 1930 election to R.

B. Bennett. Bennet first raised tariffs, started unemployment relief, and started relief camps. All this lead to the on-to-Ottawa trek and Regina riots. Citizens wanted to end the depression so they elected new leaders hoping for a positive change (Canada and the Great Depression, ND). Eventually the depression ended along with other situations boosting the economy, politics, and social status. Canadians finally found sense of nationalism with their new country along with everything they had to do to get it and Canada is finally independent surviving without the aid of Great Britain. The effects of World War one dealt with Canada politically due to the multiple leader changes, economically with the start of the depression, socially with increased respect for women, and the military who don’t have to follow Great Britain.

This is all seen as why this is a defining moment in Canadian history. Canada just started as a new country and dealt with many difficult situations right away proving they have what it takes to be independent. Although Canada is unaccustomed to independence, they became a unique country that sets itself apart from the others. The introduction of medicare is one of those things that make Canada unique from others, even to this day.

Medicare is a government system that provides free access to healthcare across Canada paid for by the government through taxes. Free healthcare in Canada all started with the efforts of Tommy Douglas and the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) in Saskatchewan. In 1944 Tommy provided free healthcare for senior citizens, and free treatment for life threatening diseases such as cancer. “Many believed that this would bankrupt the province. But after two years the CCF government had actually reduced the provincial debt by $20 million” (Hoogeveen, 2014, p. 389).


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