Canada of students each year from abroad.

Canada is one of the best countries to pursue higher education.

The country attracts thousands of students each year from abroad. Degree from an institution in Canada is considered to be of high value and is equivalent to other countries like US, Australia and other European countries.Following are few points as to why a person should consider Canada over any other country in the world for higher studies and for settling:1. Education- With public school education being free across the country upto grade 12 and subsidized post-secondary studies, education is a priority in Canada.

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Not just fees, but many scholarship opportunities reduce the expenditure of the students and one gets the best education at minimal fees. The universities and colleges have great reputation worldwide. As compared to any other industrialized nation, Canada is one country that spends more on education and lays stress on the quality of education.

While studying, a student may also take up part time job that enables them to work for upto 20 hours a week.2. Standard of living- The economy of Canada is always booming. The country offers a good deal of opportunity and potential.

Being a modern, growing, industrial nation, Canadians have the highest quality of life in the world. Canadian Life expectancy is 81 years which is 1 year more than OECD average of 80 years. The neat and clean environment makes for a neat and longer living. 3.

Health Facilities- Canada has great health care system. All the residents and citizens have the access to health care services that are publicly funded which guarantees medical coverage’s regardless of income level. Having access to affordable housing, free healthcare and a government that cares for its people, Canada indeed makes it to one of the most preferred countries to live in.4.

Job Market- With more than 72.5 percent of individuals being employed, Canada stands high on the OECD labour market. It continues to attract skilled workers who thrive to utilize their talent to the fullest. Each year, many new jobs are created and an average Canadian earns an annual income of approximately $40,000 a year.5. Natural Beauty & Safety- Canada is geographically diverse and has some of the most beautiful geology in the world.

From the rugged mountainous terrain to the splendid Atlantic coastline, a thickly dense forest with lakes and rivers in between, Canada is a place for nature lovers. As per OECD ranking the crime rate is also very low.Canada cares for its people.

With programs like – un-employment insurance for individuals faced with job layoffs, social welfare for people who aren’t able to work and support their families, childcare benefits and old age pension, Canada certainly is a people friendly nation. One can feel the sense of belonging to Canada as the country embraces all cultures and religions and values the contribution of its immigrants. Nowhere else will one find such a diversity of cultures existing together with harmony.


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