Can dressed as prisoners but without the

Can We Loosen Up On School Dress Code? You walk into school seeing kids dressed as prisoners but without the numbers. Stripes everywhere. You and your friends all look the same and you feel as if you have lost your individuality.

This is why I don’t approve of school dress codes. Unfortunately, school uniforms have been recorded as far back as 1222 in England, where the students were dressed in robe-like outfits called “cappa clausa”. In 1996 Bill Clinton delivered his State of the Union address, where he suggested American schools require a uniform to ensure the safety of children. President Clinton believed uniforms would teach character education and good values. While some people may agree with this, kids do not like dress code due to the fact that they are not able to express themselves outwardly through their clothing and accessories.

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To some kids, uniforms and dress code may not be a big issue, however for the many others that love to express themselves and be who they are this can be very challenging. As kids, our environments are crucial to developing our personalities, likes and dislikes, and most of all our style. In the state of Texas, children are required to have at least 180 days of instructional time and have the minimum of 7 hours in order to count as an instructional day. If you were to do the math in total they would have spent 1,260 hours in school.

Imagine being in school that long not being able to simply just wear the clothes you want. My younger cousin who’s in the 9th grade, unfortunately, has to wear a uniform at her school. I thought it would be interesting to hear her thoughts on uniforms.

When I asked her if she could give me at least three good reasons why she despises uniforms, she replied saying ” 1) Uniform destroys individuality. 2)Uniform is pointless, considering how many options we have available to ourselves now. 3) Uniform gives off a prison vibe. Example: Prisoners have to wear uniform clothing to strip them of their sense of individuality.

” Not only was I impressed with her great responses, but I also could not agree more with every word she said. Adults may assume that kids dislike uniforms only because we don’t think they are “cute”, however it’s deeper than that.


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